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update 08/04/2018

What is Energy?

Energy is the most needed motive in The Sims Mobile. Sims will not be able to work or do any activities without energy.
It is the only motive that you will use in your Sims' daily life. Aside from sleeping in the bed, you can recharge your Sims' energy bar in various ways.

Usage of Energy

To perform at each Hobby and Career event, you will necessitate to use energy. You must have adequate energy to finish every event you will participate.
Aside from those events, Special and Social event requires enough energy to perform actions and to complete it.

How to Recharge your Energy

Recharging your Sims' energy is quick and easy compared before the update. Tapping the energy bar is a shortcut to check what object is available for you to use to recharge energy. Each object can recharge a certain amount of energy in just 5 seconds. In case you already used all of the recharge objects, you have an option to use a cupcake for recharging 30 Energy Points. Be mindful of using cupcake as they are quite expensive.

Sleep in the Bed

Sleeping in the bed can give you almost half of energy motive bar and 4 XP. Your Sim can take a nap again and recharge energy after 23 hours.

Use the Toilet

By using the toilet, you can gain small portion of energy and 2 XP. The toilet can be used again to recharge your Sims' energy after 2 hours.

Rinse in the Shower

Taking a quick rinse in the shower will replenish a few Energy points and you'll get 2 XP as well. You need to wait for 5 hours before you can use the shower to recharge again.

Take a Bath

You can recharge your energy bar by half by taking a dip in the bathtub. You'll get 3 XP too. The cheapest bathtub which is the Ultra-Spramp Grime-B-Gone will cost you a hefty amount of SimCash. It's 150 Simcash each. Another downside is you can use the bathtub again after 1 day and 21 hours of waiting.

Eat a Cupcake

To quickly replenish your energy bar, eat a cupcake. Each cupcake can give you 30 Energy points; however, it will cost you Simcash. 5 cupcakes will cost 75 SimCash. Good thing is you can get a cupcake each day by completing the tasks in the Daily To Do List and sometimes as a daily log in reward from one of your Sims.

Object Improvements

The number of energy you'll be receiving for each object is not limited. You can still improve it by adding the required object in your household. Some of these are quite hard to attain, but nothing is impossible if you have the effort and tons of SimCash.

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Buying items to boost beds energy regen by more than 12. Bought a kids mirror that brought it to 15 but another item that promises plus two to beds did nothing. Is there a cap on how much you can increase regen?
Buying items to boost beds energy regen by more than 12. Bought a kids mirror that brought it to 15 but another item that promises plus two to beds did nothing. Is there a cap on how much you can increase regen?
It would be handy to use the bed bath shower and toilet whenever you want plus energy wastes way to fast it’s annoying
There's nothing about "party energy"..
That doesnt help me
Thatn f fgigufycdkckvjvjbihubtvrcrc

My game suddenly changed today and now it takes 2 hours to recharge the toilet before it can be used again and 1 day 21 hours for the bath, that was just 8 hours before.
<< Anonymous(Vinny)
SimmermaN Reply
It seems like they made some changes. I just noticed it just now. We will definitely update this. Thanks, Vinny!
This is not correct for my game. I only get 2 energy's for the toilet & now I get 3 energy's for toilet cause I added a roll of toilet paper.
I only get 5 energy's for shower. I do get 13 energy's for sleep though as says on here
<< Anonymous(Tiffany562411 )
SimmermaN Reply
It seems like we have some those upgrades before the update that is why we did not notice it. Page got updated already. You can have additional 2 energy in the shower by adding a Towel Rack. For the toilet, you can also add the Simple Scrub Sink for 2 Energy.

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