Limited Time Event: Sweet Treat Showdown 7 - Sweet Holiday

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update 14/12/2019

Event Overview

This Event "Sweet Treat Showdown 7 - Sweet Holiday" starts on the 26 Nov and is available for 15 days.

Sweet Treat Challenge


Royal Treat Box Rewards

Sweet Treat Box Rewards

How to Complete Sweet Treat Sweet Holiday Quest

Quest 1Play 1 Sweet Treat Challenge.
Quest 2Research gingerbread.
Quest 3Play 3 Sweet Treat Challenges.
Quest 4Mix gingerbread dough.
Quest 5Sweep up crumbs.
Quest 6Collect 500 Sweet Treat Tokens.
Quest 7Play 5 Sweet Treat Challenges.
Quest 8Check on no-bake gingerbread in the fridge.
Quest 9Share gingerbread with Sims.
Quest 10Collect 700 Sweet Treat Tokens.
Quest 11Play 7 Sweet Treat Challenges.
Quest 12Give homemade sweets to sims.
Quest 13Collect 5 Royal Treat Tokens.
Quest 14Design gingerbread house.


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You can. But you need to buy stairs first that way you get a building permit.
Your Izzy shop is full. Limit is 35 outfits. You need to delete the ones you don’t want. Pu...
WOW I’m trying to age mine up and I got him today and I’m working really hard to get...
I had this happen to me, I simply went to a different plant.
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