Limited Time Event: Wumples Wishlist - Pride Quest

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update 19/08/2019

Event Overview


Wumple Wishlist Rewards

Wumple Wishlist Pride Rewards

How to Complete Wumples Wishlist Pride Quest

Chapter 0

Quest 1Earn 25 Simoleons.

Chapter 1

Quest 1Make a salad.
Quest 2Check mirror for other dimensions.
Quest 3Complete 2 quick events.
Quest 4Argue with internet troll.
Quest 5Wash away problems in shower.
Quest 6Complete 1 standard event.

Chapter 2

Quest 1Make Coffee Cake Surprise.
Quest 2Check lamp for moths.
Quest 3Bake cookies for bake sale. (2 Hours)
Quest 4Tap on a table to donate to gnome awareness.
Quest 5Read giant book for book club.
Quest 6Find Wumples a snack.
Quest 7Complete 1 long event.

Chapter 3

Quest 1Water plants in your home 3 times.
Quest 2Check mirror for tooth spinach.
Quest 3Read giant book for book club. (2 Hours)
Quest 4Tap a sofa to sponsor a gnome.
Quest 5Complete 3 quick events.
Quest 6Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
Quest 7Cat nap.

Chapter 4

Quest 1Tap a sofa to donate to scrub campaign.
Quest 2Sleep for science!
Quest 3Go on wild gnome chase 3 times.
Quest 4Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
Quest 5Read ‘Gardening in Eternal Sunshine’ book.
Quest 6Get riled up about SimSports 5 times.
Quest 7Complete 2 long events.

How to Complete Wumples Wishlist Pride Quest

Chapter 1

Quest 1Clean your Sofa.
Quest 2Argue with Internet Troll.
Quest 3Practice Audition lines 3 times.
Quest 4Unspinach your teeth.

Chapter 2

Quest 1Make a Salad.
Quest 2Check toilet for Escape Gator.
Quest 3Check Lamps for moths.
Quest 4Discuss Gnome theory 5 times.
Quest 5Meal Prep!

Chapter 3

Quest 1Cat Nap.
Quest 2Wash llama flu germs away.
Quest 3Water Plants in your home 3 times.
Quest 4Check Mirror for other dimensions.
Quest 5Meal Prep!


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