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The Sims Mobile How To Guide
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update 25/06/2018

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There are tons of things to do in The Sims Mobile. Aside from levelling up your Sims and building family, you should not forget to build a house for them.

In the game, Your house will serve as your Sims' HQ. This is where they can perform their hobbies, recharge their energies, start a party and build a legacy. One disadvantage is you are only allowed to build one house. Even you are a big spender, you are not allowed to build more than one; however, you can expand and customize to make it your own.

How to's

Expanding your Land Area

Building a huge house requires a massive land area. Land area in the game, can be purchase using Simoleons; however, you need to unlock it first. For you to add a few sections in your home, you must attain certain Lifestyle Score. To expand, tap on an empty section. It should connected to a cleared section. Pay the amount shown (amount varies and depend on how many sections you currently have) and wait for a day to complete. If you are quite itchy to build something on it, you can pay 90 SimCash to speed up the timer.

Create Rooms

Similar to the previous one, creating a single room in your house requires certain Lifestyle Score. Overall, you can create 12 rooms. You have to pay Simoleons and Tickets for each room you will place in your home. To add a new room, tap the "Build/Buy" icon then "Build" tab. Select "Rooms" category then "Room". Tap and drag the blue encircling arrows icon to move it. Change the size of the room by tap and drag the white arrows inside and outside the box. You can place the room detach from the main house. Tap the green checkmark icon to confirm.

Adding Windows and Doors

A door is one important part of the house since this will serve as your entrance or exit. The windows will serve as your ventilation or view point. There are various types of window and door to choose from, but some of them requires higher Player Level to unlock. Some of them can only be purchase using SimCash. You can add 20 windows or 20 doors if you want. To add one, tap the "Build/Buy" icon then "Build" tab. Select either "Doors" or Windows". Tap and Drag it to where you want to put it. Change the color if you want to match it with your theme, but that's optional. Confirm by tapping the green checkmark.

Customizing the Floor

Rugs and carpets are too mainstream. You can also change the look of your floor by adding tiles or linoleum on it. You can also enhance the appearance of your floor by changing it to a wood, marble or granite. To do this, tap the "Build/Buy" icon, then "Build" tab. Select "Floor". Choose Masonry if you want stone floor such as marble or granite, Tile and Linoleum for decorative tiles, wood for minimalist style or carpet if you want some hotel like flooring. Buying a floor design means owning it forever as you can use it infinitely to any rooms you have.

Interior and Exterior Walls

You can match the floor of your home by changing it's interior and exterior walls. Aside from the regular paint job, you can put wallpapers, tiles, stucco or make it a brick wall. You can apply it to the entire room or just the wall you desire. To change your interior or exterior walls, tap the "Build/Buy" icon, then "Build" tab. Select "Interior" if you want to change the wall inside the house or "Exterior" if you desire to update your walls outside. There are tons of design to choose from!


You can view the design of your roof by zooming it out tremendously. It is not always visible while playing the game so customizing it is optional, but we still have a lot of available options to choose from. To customize your roof, tap the "Build/Buy" icon, then "Build" tab. Select "Roofs". Tap what type of roof you want then the designs.


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