Legacy Score in The Sims Mobile

update 06/10/2017

What is the Legacy Score?

The Legacy Score is your overall grade of your progress in the game. This will also tell you your current ranking among your friends. The more you play the game, the higher your Legacy Score will grow since increasing its number is one of your tasks in the Daily To Do List.

Where to find my Legacy Score?

The Legacy Score is located on the upper left side of the screen. Just beside your Player Level. Tapping it will show you the total score you've got per area and your current ranking among your friends.

How to Improve the Legacy Score

Decorate your Home with Legacy Objects

Buying objects from Legacy Sets in the catalog will definitely help you increase your Legacy Score. These objects are those with Legacy icon on it. Don't forget to place them in your home.

Customizing your Sim

You'll also receive Legacy points in buying clothes, accessories and make-up. Aside from the improving your Sim's physical appearance, it will also improve your Legacy Score.

Collecting Heirlooms

Heirlooms is another contributor of Legacy Point. Aside from unlocking some traits or area in the game, it also provides a huge amount of Legacy point. You'll receive Heirlooms from your Retired Sims.


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