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update 29/09/2017

About the Quest

"Just for Fun" Quest is about doing fun things, particularly during your leisure time or hobby. This quest is only limited for 1 week for you to complete. The quest is purely all about performing your Sims' hobby,doing some hobby actions and exploring what other things you can do on a hobby. Similarly with the other quest, it has 5 stages and each stage has three tasks to carry out. Simoleons will be your reward per completed stage.

First Stage - How to Complete

Use a Hobby Station at a Party

First, search for a party to attend. Participate in a party where your Sim can perform its hobby. While in the party, tap the Hobby icon speech bubble instead of the Balloon icon. Performing the action will conclude the quest goal.

Complete a Hobby Action

Tap on your Hobby object in your home. Just simply select an action on the list and perform it.

Complete a Hobby Event

Tap on your Hobby object and select any event that is available. Perform actions and establish your Sim's confidence level. To hasten up, perform Risk Action once your Sim has enough confidence. Completing the Hobby event will conclude this task.

Second Stage - How to Complete

Complete a Hobby Action

Just simply tap on your hobby object and perform any action on the list. You'll earn some XP for doing this.

Succeed at a Risky Action

While on a Hobby event, build up your Sim's confidence level and perform a Risk Action. The main goal is not to succeed with the Risk Action. You just need to do it. Just ensure your Sim has enough confidence to initiate the Risk Action.

Gain a Level

To complete this task, you just need to step up your Sim's Hobby level. Aiding them in doing Hobby events is such a great help for them to level up.

Third Stage - How to Complete

Complete a Hobby Action

This is similar to the task in the previous stages where you simply need to perform a Hobby action. For you to do that, just tap your Hobby object, then select the action to execute.

Succeed at a Risky Action

As I stated in the previous stage, the main goal for this task is not to succeed in the Risk Action, but to have your Sim perform it. Just start a Hobby event, perform actions to build up your Sim's confidence level and execute Risk Action once he/she's ready.

Complete 3 Hobby Events

If this will be the your last task at this stage, You just need to do two Hobby events, since you did one in the previous task. Just complete the two additional Hobby Events to accomplish this task and to conclude this stage.

Fourth Stage - How to Complete

Complete a Hobby Action

Tap your Sim's Hobby object and select the action on the list. Performing it will only last for a few seconds and this will also close this task.

Succeed at 2 Risky Action

Risk Actions can only execute during an event. Choose a Hobby event and perform the event activities. Once you've earned enough confidence, tap your Hobby object and select any Risk Action in the list. You can perform 2-3 Risk Actions depend on the number of Energy points your Sim has.

Gain a Level

For this task to complete, you just need to step up with your Hobby Level. The only way to level up is to perform events and hobby actions.

Final Stage - How to Complete

Complete a Hobby Action

Hobby actions can only be found when you tap your Hobby Object. Select on it and execute. These simple activities can last a few seconds of your time and can give you XP as well, but not that much.

Succeed at 4 Risky Action

For this task, you just simply need to perform Risk Actions during Hobby Events. For each Hobby Events, you can execute 2-3 Risk Actions. To hasten this process, you can start multiple Hobby Events. Getting a green thumbs-up is merely optional.

Complete 5 Hobby Events

You can complete this task in no time if you follow my tip on the previous task in this stage. You can perform multiple Hobby events simultaneously. Just ensure you have enough Energy for each performing Sims. This is the last task for the final stage.


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