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update 29/03/2018

Spring Egg Hunt

This is the second event from Sims Mobile. Similar to the previous one, you have a limited time of 6 days and 12 hours to complete and to play this event. Use our guide to complete this event in no time.


This quest is divided into several parts. Each part is related to egg hunting and has a different reward. Some part only requiring you to do simple action such as tapping the couch or sleeping, but some other part needs time and effort to complete.

Event Rewards

In this limited time event, you'll receive various Easter Egg objects that are ported from The Sims 4. You'll also get Bun Bun The Bunny so don't miss it!

How to Complete

Spring Egg Hunt: Part 1

This part is pretty straight forward. You just simply need to search for the egg shelf behind the couch. Just tap the couch in your house and a list of actions will show up. Select "Search for shelf" and perform the action. This will cost you 4 Energy and will last for 10 seconds. You'll get 20 XP and a Cracking Good Shelf which is a wall decor and where you will place your Easter Eggs.

Spring Egg Hunt: Part 2

Second part of this quest is quite easy-peasy. You just need to look for Sims with blue plumbob and give them a sticker. One sticker per Sim. You have to do this three times. You'll get your 20 XP and 2 Heirloom Tickets. On top of that, you'll also receive 2 Fashion Gem from completing the sticker task in your Daily To Do List.

Spring Egg Hunt: Part 3

Completing this part will assure you your first Easter Egg reward. You'll spend a little bit of time here as you will need to tell someone about the eggs by completing 2 relationship events. It doesn't matter what kind of relationship events. You will also receive a few rewards for completing the socialize task in your Daily To Do List and from the relationship events.

Spring Egg Hunt: Part 4

You can complete the part 4 quickly and easily. Once you're home, tap on your bed and select "Dream about hidden eggs" from the list. You'll need to have 4 Energy points to perform this action. You'll get 2 Heirloom Tickets and a total of 24 XP.

Spring Egg Hunt: Part 5

This is the most time consuming part of this quest. You shouldn't miss this part because this will reward you your second Easter Egg and 20 XP. The only thing you need to do in this part is to complete 3 career events. If you have at least 3 Sims in your household, you can assign them to go to work simultaneously to save time.

Spring Egg Hunt: Part 6

The only main goal for this part is to attend a party. It can be a simple birthday party or an extravagant one. It doesn't matter. There's no need to stay long at the party as this will auto complete once you join a certain party. You'll get 2 Heirloom Tickets and 20 XP as rewards.

Spring Egg Hunt: Part 7

For this part, you will need to earn at least 10 Sims Tickets. You can earn this ticket by participating in a party or relationship events. You can go on a date or grab a quick snack with your friendly Sim. This will guarantee you the third Easter Egg and a 20 XP.

Spring Egg Hunt: Part 8

This is another simple interaction that you need to perform to conclude this stage. You just need to face the mirror and reflect. All you have to do is tap a vanity mirror, then select "Reflect on egg hunt progress"

Spring Egg Hunt: Part 9

To get the fourth Easter Egg, you just need to earn at least 200 Simoleons. You can attend to your job or do your hobby. You must hit the amount required to complete this part.

Spring Egg Hunt: Part 10

This part of the event will require you to expand your network and start making some friends. You must perform 3 friendly relationship events. By completing the required 3 events, you'll receive 2 Heirloom Tickets and 20 XP as a reward.

Spring Egg Hunt: Part 11

This stage is similar to part 2 of this event. You just need to distribute 3 stickers to Sims with blue plumbob. Once completed, you'll get 25 Simoleons and 20 XP as a reward.

Spring Egg Hunt: Part 12

This is another time consuming stage. For this one, you are required to complete two chapters of relationship story with another Sim. You must end the existing chapter and start and brand new one. This is easy if you just started the story with another Sim. Completing this part is worthy since you'll get the fifth Easter Egg and 20 XP reward.

Spring Egg Hunt: Part 13

This is easy, but quite disturbing stage. Firstly, you need to display all five Easter Eggs. You can put that anywhere. It is more appealing if you'll use the Cracking Good Shelf. Then, you just need to tap each egg and select "Admire decorated egg" on the list. By admiring those eggs, you'll get 2 Heirloom Tickets and 20 XP.

Spring Egg Hunt: Final Part

The final part is almost similar to Part 12 wherein you need to complete 2 story chapters. This time, instead of relationship story, you need to conclude 2 Career Story chapters. You'll need a lot of Energy and time to accomplish this. Reward for this stage is the Bun Bun the Bunny! Spending all your resources is super worthy!


I've made it to the part where the reward is the bunny. The task is to complete 2 career story chapters. I have completed 4 chapters so far and it's not counting it (all shows 0/2). Had anyone else encountered this problem or am I doing something incorrectly?
<< Anonymous(DV)
Anonymous Reply
Me. I'm super annoyed
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
me too. completed 3 chapters and it won't give me my bunny.
<< Anonymous(DV)
Sam Reply
Me too, I’ve completed three chapters and it won’t count them
This egg hunt was too time consuming. I really need to read the blogs more. I didn't get past part 5.
Dee Math
My first egg is “broken” has flies around it. I can’t replace it or store it in the box. When I get Bun Bun the Bunny, will it repair itself?
<< Anonymous(Dee Math)
Liz Reply
Same thing just happened to two of my eggs did anything change for yours?
<< Anonymous(Dee Math)
Alex Reply
It's happened to one of my eggs, but I've completed all the objectives for the quest. I have no idea why and it's annoying lol
I’m on the part where you have to admire all the eggs but two say they are blocked.. how do I fix this? It let me admire tree but not two..?
<< Anonymous(Eh)
Eh Reply
Nvm I figured it out! If that happens to you just move the egg to a different location and try again
<< Anonymous(Eh)
Anonymous Reply
Try putting them on a different place in your house.
None of the mirrors I 🔥 gives me the option for the spring egg hunt ("reflect on egg hunt progress"). Had anyone else encountered this issue?
<< Anonymous
Layla Reply
Try in your toilet
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thank you. That worked.
Stuck in a loop. The app requires me to update, but the App Store only has the Open button for my iPad, even tho I have the older Version 9.2. Have restarted both to no avail. And you can’t play without updating!
<< Anonymous(DaveB)
Dee Math Reply
Mine did the same thing. Go to the App Store, click on Updates and it should be there.
<< Anonymous(DaveB)
Anonymous Reply
Swipe down on the screen in order for it to load new updates

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