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update 08/06/2017
Daily WishWrite it Down!
DescriptionEarn at least one Event star with my stellar scripting at a Hobby Event
Reward35 XP

Writing Hobby can be unlocked once you've reached Player Level 15. You will only receive the "Write it Down!" daily wish if your Sim is into this hobby.

How to Complete

1. Check the requirements

In order to start, you must have a least the Writer's Block Desk. You can buy the desk in the catalogue for 50 Simoleons. You will also need any type of chair to sit on. Ensure that you have sufficient Energy points and Fun points to begin this event. Tap on the desk and select any hobby events that is available.

2. Tap the pink star icons

Once you've started the event, you need to tap the pink star icons and select actions on the list. Each action costs at least 1 energy point. You'll receive 1 Hobby point and a portion of the star container after each action.

3. Fill at least 1 Pink star container

The event will conclude once you filled the star container. This will also complete your Sim's wish. Aside from the 35 XP for fulfill the wish, you'll also get 10 Simoleons for completing the hobby event.


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