The Sims Mobile How to Cultivate my Culinary Skills!

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update 09/06/2017

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Daily WishCultivate my Culinary Skills!
DescriptionReach the next level of chef at the restaurant by completing career events
Reward35 XP

This daily wish will only require you to step up on your Culinary career. You just need to make sure you have enough motives to complete this wish.

How to Complete

1. Go to the restaurant.

Head to your workplace which is the restaurant and tap on the stove. A list of Culinary events will show up. You can select any events that are available.

2. Fill those star containers

Once you began, fill those empty pink star containers located in your motive bar by tapping pink star icons and performing each action. This will deplete your energy points so better choose actions that will give you more stars and XP.

3. Level up to complete this wish

The sole goal of this wish is to level up on your Culinary Career. You just require to perform actions until you gain enough XP to step up. It might take place during a Culinary Event but you must finish the event to claim your rewards. You'll be receiving rewards from completing the events and also from fulfilling your Sim's wish.


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