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update 17/07/2017

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Finding a True love is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It is hard to know and find one but in The Sims Mobile, you just need to dedicate time and effort to meet your True Love. This kind of relationship in the game can only be unlocked once you've reached Relationship Level 8. It doesn't require specific gender, race or age since Love knows no boundary. This is the kind of relationship that you can WooHoo with your partner Sims, Propose marriage and have children. Levelling up this relationship will lead to Soulmate relationship.

Best Traits

These Sims give a bit better daily Login Rewards
These Sims occasionally give you bonus XP while at home
These Sims get a bonus every now and then when being flirty with others
These Sims occasionally get a bonus when being friendly with others
These Sims are a bit better at Romantic Events
Good Upbringing
These Sims are way better at all Events


I don't get it, my sims have been together for a while and have been engaged since early on but I'm at level 19 with a level 10 relationship and still nothing. (btw I can't seem to get further than level 10 is that normal?)
I got to level 7 where it said that you unlocked marriage. I couldn't marry/propose to him, when do I get to? And how do I get energy fast
<< Anonymous
ImNotGoodAtAdvice Reply
You will need to have a level 8 relationship w/ them and you will need to have the full wedding collection. (Lattice, Pillar, Arch.) Then it will give you the option to propose.
I want to have a baby
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You'll unlock this option at level 11 and your love relationship must be at max level
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Also you need a baby cot
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Your relationship level does not have to be max, it has to be level 3 with a game level of 11
Do u get pregnant first?
I want to have a baby

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When the surprising choice first popped up I was completely broke. I didn’t get on for the...
I'm not able to get it either and I keep doing the quest over and over
Same problem.. how did u find it?
If uou don't finish a baby guest will u have to start over
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