Royal Flush Bathroom Collection

The Royal Flush Bathroom Collection is now available in the Sims Mobile store!
This is one of the recently added sets of furniture and it is available for a limited time only. This time Sims Mobile player can grab one of these luxurious bath object by simple purchasing them using Super Home Tickets instead of the usual SimCash.

These glamorous bathroom set will give you advantage in recharging your energy and will definitely make your bathing and pooping experience extravagant!

How to Purchase

To purchase the set, simply click the Shopping Bag icon, then click the "Featured" tab at the left side.
Press the amount of Super Home Ticket for each item and locate them in your inventory.

What's Include


Royal Flush Bathtub
400 Super Home Tickets
Allow Sims to recover Energy

Royal Flush Toilet
125 Super Home Tickets
Add +1 Energy Recharge to Toilets

Royal Flush Vanity
70 Super Home Tickets
Add +2 Energy Recharge to Toilets


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You can. But you need to buy stairs first that way you get a building permit.
Your Izzy shop is full. Limit is 35 outfits. You need to delete the ones you don’t want. Pu...
WOW I’m trying to age mine up and I got him today and I’m working really hard to get...
I had this happen to me, I simply went to a different plant.
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