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update 11/04/2018

One of the exciting feature of The Sims Mobile is the social interaction between you and your friends. You can also meet new friends while playing this game. You can use this guide on how to add your friends and visit their humble abode in The Sims Mobile.

Connecting with your Friends

Linking your Social Media Account

The easiest way to add and to connect your friends in the game is by linking your social media account. You can link your Facebook and Twitter account by going to the settings and choosing which social media account you would like to link.

Once you have added your social media account, you can simply select "Network Friends" option then "Top Recommendations". That's where you can see all of your friends playing The Sims Mobile.

Tap on their names to view their homes and view their profiles. You can add, block or report them once you view their profiles. Pending friend's request can be seen in the left of "Top Recommendations".

Friend Code

You can still add friends who are not in your social media account by sharing friend code. By tapping "Invite Friends" option, you can type in your friend's code or give your friend code to them. Simple and easy!.

How to Visit

Friend's House

Visiting your friend's house in the game will give you ideas and inspiration in designing your own home. The only thing you can do is to check their furniture and layout. You cannot do anything else!

Once they are in the list of Game Friends", you can simply tap on their names and select "View Home" . You can still visit their home even your friend's request still pending.

Once you are in your friend's house, you can only view their home designs, their furniture and their current Player level as well as their Lifestyle Score. You cannot visit their town or even interact with anyone in their home. To return back, just tap the car icon.

Stranger's house

Aside from your friend's house, you can visit anyone by viewing the profile of a Sim with a blue plumbob and selecting "View Home". We know it is quite odd to visit a stranger's house, but it doesn't hurt to get some ideas from them. You can also add them as a friend to know them better. You have also the option to block or report them if you see something inappropriate.


The title is misleading. You can not visit a friend's home. You can only view it. Visiting means that your sim would actually be there in your friend's home, like attending a party, for example.
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Anonymous Reply
yep, annoying article.

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