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update 20/06/2018

Why Speeding Up?

Starting an event sometimes is quite time consuming. We know we have tons of things to do while our Sims are working on their career or hobby events. You can make the most of the day by speeding up events. This will make your Sim level up faster and earn more rewards. This is great suggestion to someone who's grinding in the game.

How to Hasten Up Events

Perform Risk Actions

Performing risk actions may reward a massive fill in your progress bar if the attempt is successful that might lead you to complete the event in no time. On the other hand, the unsuccessful result will still give you consolation. That is why it's a risky move! You can ensure the result by checking the success rate in the risk action window.

Buy Career or Hobby Items

You can unlock various items every time you step up with your career or hobby level. These items are not just a decoration, but will help you speed up with your event progress. Items related to your Sim's career or hobby can give you a head start in every event.

Change your Traits

Traits can give you boost in some events or situation. Match your Sim's career or hobby with the traits you already unlocked. For an example, if your Sim is in Guitar or Piano Hobby, give him the Musical Traits.

Use your cupcake

We normally associated cupcakes as energy replenishment. With the latest update, we can now use it to speed up events. Every time you will start an event, you will be prompted if you want to use cupcake to speed up your progress or do the old way.

Speed up using SimCash

This is not a recommended way to speed up, but if you have the means, then go for it! Spending your SimCash will not only speed up your progress, but immediately conclude the event.


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Thanks have no cupcakes or simCash. How can I finish my baby events faster?
<< Anonymous(SimsLover)
Anonymous Reply
This site is lammmmmeeeeee
<< Anonymous(SimsLover)
AwesomeStuff Reply
Ummm change the trait??? I'm broke too...
<< Anonymous(AwesomeStuff)
Anonymous Reply
You can’t
<< Anonymous(SimsLover)
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
I need to finish my baby events too yeah how do you finish my events faster I have a half an hour left to to it but the quest has four hours left?
Allison johnson-gool
Does anyone have any baby
<< Anonymous(Allison johnson-gool)
N Reply
No it is so hard and the events take like 7 hours ughhhh
<< Anonymous(Allison johnson-gool)
Anonymous Reply
Nope. 3times and looks like my sim just can't have a baby.
<< Anonymous(Allison johnson-gool)
Abigail Reply
yeah it takes a while but its worth it cause then you can raise the child
<< Anonymous(Allison johnson-gool)
Mara Reply
No,the events take so long not to mention theres several of them.
Addyson moyl
I can't seem to finish the baby quest because I don't have enough time.
<< Anonymous(Addyson moyl)
AwesomeStuff Reply
<< Anonymous(Addyson moyl)
Anonymous Reply
Same!!!! I have tried 3 times.
Ava Kenyon
I wanna do the simcash one but I am broke
<< Anonymous(Ava Kenyon)
Mila Reply
Neither did I. Try working some shifts at work.
I have no way of speeding up my events, and this was no help. How can I finish my events faster?
<< Anonymous(Sims❤️)
Sims Reply
I agree
I did quest 13 and i finish it and its telling me to do it again i wasted my time can you put it back to 13quest because i aint doing it again i has enofe.
Ree kid
When I'm doing a long job how do I reverse my action
I just leave them on long quests overnight and when I'm out and it works
its hard
I cabt do it
I want to upgrade, and have a couple of children. (I want to get to the retirement stage). Anyone have tips to help me go faster?
Did NOT help at all
I want to get more sims cash but I have to download games

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