How to Get Married in The Sims Mobile

How to get married in the Sims Mobile, required items, and how to complete the happiest day quest.
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update 16/04/2018

What is Marriage?

Marriage is the officially recognized union of two people as partners. This is a common ritual in every religion existing in our world. This matrimony is also part of the gameplay of The Sims Mobile. You can utilize this guide how to tie a knot in this fun and exciting game of simulation.

Marriage requires a lot of preparation. In Sims Mobile, you don't need to worry about your wedding dress, the venue and everything. Once you've reached Player Level 7, just gather and meet all the requirements for the wedding and you are good to go!


  • Two Sims with Level 8 Romantic Relationships. It can both from your household or one is yours and the other one is from the other player.
  • Wedding Collections Objects (at least one of each. Check this part of "Home" catalog)

Let's Get Started!


  • Start the "Propose" event with your couple Sims. This will last for 5 hours, you can speed up timers by paying Simcash or economically wise, just help them in performing interactions in the event.


Once you already completed the "Propose" event, your couple Sims are now engaged. They are both exclusive to each other. In order to actually get married, there’s another thing to mark off the list: get the Wedding Collection. Just purchase at least one for each item in the collection and placed it outside of your home.

Exchange of Wedding Vows

Simple real-life wedding ceremony normally last for an hour or two, but in The Sims Mobile, its only for 5 seconds.

  • To start, tap the Wedding Arch and select "Get married to...".
  • Choose the avatar of your Sim's fiance/fiancee in this selection.
  • After pressing "Okay", the wedding ceremony will immediately commence and they will get married in no time!


Love knows no boundary and gender! The Sims Mobile also allows same-sex marriage similar with the other The Sims franchise. As long as you got all the necessities and met at least the minimum requirements, no one can stop you from having this ceremony. Love Wins!

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