Limited Time Event: Sweet Treat Showdown Part 2 - Charming Garden

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update 22/10/2019

Event Overview

This Event "Sweet Treat Showdown 2 - Charming Garden" starts on the 23 August and is available for 15 days.

Sweet Treat Challenge

You can start this challenge by clicking the Activities tab of this event or just visit the Parkside and tapping the icon of the baking station.

How to win this challenges

Your Sims will have a match with an opponent professional chef to bake over several rounds by creating pastries and desserts. Each round if your sims win, those rewards will be added to the Prize Basket. Your Sims can choose to forfeit (collect the content they have in their Prize Basket and leave) or they can decide to continue to the next round.

You have to click the "Bake it" action on the baking station and succeed to win the challenges. Your sims can be either fail or success to achieves while doing this action. To increase the chances of winning this challenge, you can let your sims to perform "Prep" action around. the bakery station. Each "Prep" action will show how much they will boost up your success chances on this challenge. The higher the percentage of success chance, the higher the percentage for your sims to win this challenge.

Here are the Examples of the "Prep" action:


Royal Treat Box Rewards

Sweet Treat Box


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