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Friend request

Welcome to the friend request forum for The Sims Mobile players! Find new friends and add them to your friends list!

Rules & prohibitions

Any texts violating the rules are subject to delete.

  • Be well-mannered
  • Duel Links-related topics
  • No selling/buying account
  • No advertisement
  • No slander


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Mike H.
Hello! Level 40, active user. Feel free to add me: TPFADAE

If I don't add, then my list filled up. Happy Simming to all ;-)!
Hi, my name is Tyler and my friend code is:
I started a few days ago. I'm level 14 and active!
<< Anonymous(Tyler)
Anonymous Reply
Done :)
add me
MXEUV43 Add me
Performing read options in a chair it says it requires a child but i have a child. Can any one help with that.
How to perform woohoo action,i bought sleepytime double bed and still the bed is locked ,dont know why...?
<< Anonymous(Shan)
SimmermaN Reply
Check the spaces around the bed. Make sure all the footprint indicators are all green.
NYLGPXP, add me. Active player i play literally everyday lol. Currently on level 40
<< Anonymous(softmochis)
softmochis Reply
Edit: don't add me anymore.. i've stopped playing bcs i dont have time so yeah sorry don't add me
CWXNYKL add me, i'm on level 40
I play constantly throughout the day. I will give stickers and help with your parties! GYXEA6C
Hi everyone my name is J, I'm currently on level 17 and very active :D

Feel free to add me! My friend code is YTLH4D6
Hey guys, I just started playing and in the middle of adding/looking for players.

Feel free to add me - PJAQMD3

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I had to increase their relationship
Hi there, Can we change the appearance of a non-playable npc without promoting (provided they&r...
Ok this is what I did. I collected cupcakes between 15-20 but more of you want and then chose two...
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