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update 10/08/2017

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A new game update was released for The Sims Mobile last August 7th. Similar to the last update, this update overhaul big part of the game. We tried this new update and this makes the game more exciting and more fun to play.

What's New

  • Age your Sims based on their life experience instead of by day

  • Retire your Sims to unlock hobbies, gifts, and other rewards, or keep them active for as long as you like

  • Send your Sim to events or join in for better rewards

  • Choose your Sims' traits throughout their lives to develop their personalities over time

  • Recharge energy faster


Goodbye Grim Reaper!

Before this latest update, each Sims can have a certain lifespan and age each day you play the game. With 2.2.4 update, aging is now based on their lifetime experiences. As of now, we can't determine the maturity of our Sims in this update. Hopefully, this will be appended to the next update. Your Sims will no longer die unless you give your consent. You'll be receiving awards such as unlocking new hobbies, gifts and other rewards by retiring your Sims.

Charging Sims' Energy Improvement

Upon examining the latest update, we noticed that there are changes in the motive bar. The only visible now is your Energy Bar. Tapping on it will show other ways to reload it. With the latest update, you don't need to other motives in performing interactions. The only motive you'll be using from now on is Energy. You can recharge it using the bed, toilet, bathtub and shower. It will take 4 hours to recharge 13 Energy using the bed, 8 hours for 15 Energy by bathing, 2 hours for 7 Energy by using the shower and 30 minutes for 5 Energy by using the commode. Your Sims will recharge 1 Energy every 3 minutes. Once you stepped up with your Player Level, all Sims will be fully recharged too!

Welcome to Downtown

Unlocking the Downtown before requires Player Level 22. With the 2.2.4 update, you can unlock and visit the Downtown area once you've reached Player Level 15. You'll find the club, the agency and the civic center in Downtown.

Trait Improvements

Sims' traits play a small role in the game before. Now, these traits provide bonus if matches with the chosen interactions or events. For an example, Sims with flirty trait gets a bonus when being flirty with others. You can have more that 3 traits now, but you'll need to unlock it first by playing the game.

Improvements in every Event

This part of the game received a major change. Before, your Sims can only perform activities in every event by tapping on the pink stars. Now, they can perform every interaction on their own. Helping them during events will help you earn more stars quickly. Events have a longer time period at present. The more empty pink stars you fill, the more XP and bonus you'll obtain.

Level Interface

This is an additional feature in the game. This will give you a sneak peak of what you'll be getting attaining a certain Player Level. Similar to a crystal ball that will show you your future. You can access this feature by tapping your Player Level.

Daily To Do List

As we all know, life goals and daily wishes is part of the game that you need to fulfill for better heirlooms and more XP. With the latest update, these are all eliminated and replaced by Daily To Do List. This list is for every Sims you have in your home. You'll be receiving rewards such as XP, Simoleons, Simcash or cupcakes by completing every task in the list.

Welcome Back Gifts

Starting the game before will show you your Sims and their remaining days, but now, it's totally different. It will show you your Sims and their gift. You can collect gift once every time you open the game.

Additional Items

A few items were added in the game after the update. Some descriptions are also altered and matched with the current update.
Here is the list of newly added items:

  • Plush Bathrobe (Bathroom)
  • Bath Cabinet (Bathroom)
  • Soothing Sleeper Single (Bedroom)
  • Scrappy Strappy Sneaks ( Female footwear)


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