Limited Time Event: Hot Tub Dreams

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update 16/03/2018

Hot Tub Dreams

The Hot Tub Dream Event is the first event since the global release of the Sims Mobile. It's limited time and you only have 6 days and 12 hours to complete it, but that's surely enough to ace it. Here's our foolproof guide to complete and gather those rewards!


To complete this event, you need to accomplish the nine-part quest. Each concluded part will reward you a number of Ducky Bucks and Simoleons. You can exchange Ducky Bucks for a single item in the Hot Tub Goody Bag. There's no option to choose. It will be random. You have an option to purchase an item in Hot Tub Goody Bag using SimCash, but that is not recommended. That is not practical and it's expensive. Each Hot Tub Goody bag has various of items including rare one.

Event Rewards

You'll be getting a random item from the Hot Tub Goody Bag for every 50 Ducky Bucks you have or 150 SimCash. You'll get the same list of items, whether you use your SimCash or Ducky Bucks. The only difference is your chances of getting SimCash instead of Super Heirloom Ticket if you use your Ducky Bucks.


Steamy Hot Tub
Fun Object

Practically Pine
Dining Table
Small Dining Table

Practically Pine
Patio Chair
Dining Chair

Pachira Tree

Illuminated Wall
Miscellaneous Decorations

Independent Merwoman
Bikini Top
Bikini Top

Independent Merwoman
Bikini Bottom
Bikini Bottom

Almost Nothin'
Atoll Swim Brief
Swim Brief

Swim Trunks
Swim Trunks

Jet-Setter Swimsuit

One-Hit Wonder

Heirloom Ticket
Use these tickets to buy Heirlooms!

Fashion Gem
Use these to buy exciting new looks from Izzy's Fashion Shop!

Ducky Bucks
Purchase Hot Tub Goody Bags with Ducky Bucks while they last.

Super Heirloom
Use these tickets to buy Heirlooms!
[Available only in SimCash Transaction]

Use SimCash to buy boosts, complete actions more quickly, and purchase special items!
[Available only in Ducky Bucks Transaction]

How to Complete

Hot Tub Dreams: Part 1 and 2

These parts are quick and easy tasks to do and you'll earn a total of 40 Ducky Bucks and 50 Simoleons. For the first part, you just need to tap on your bed and select the action "Dream about hot tubs". For spending your 5 seconds doing this action, you'll get 20 Ducky Bucks and 25 Simoleons.

For the second part, place a TV in your home first. The cheapest one which is the Homestead Vintage TV will cost you 190 Simoleons and 4 Home Ticket. Tap on the TV, then select the action "Watch the Home Hot Tubbing Channel". This will last for only 5 seconds and similar to the previous part, you'll get 20 Ducky Bucks and 25 Simoleons.

Hot Tub Dreams: Part 3

This part is time consuming, but still easy to complete. All you have to do is visit the Fashion Studio in the Market Square and tap the Fashion Concept Board. Start the event listed "Haute Tub Couture Fashion". You can perform this event even your Sim is not in Fashion Career. This event will last for 4 hours. You can leave your Sims perform actions on its own or you can help him/her out to speed up. On top of the 20 Ducky Bucks and 25 Simoleons reward, you'll get an additional 18 Ducky Bucks and 225 Simoleons!.

At this point, you have more that 50 Ducky Bucks. You can exchange it for an item or you can continue earning more Ducky Bucks.

Hot Tub Dreams: Part 4

The description for this part of the quest is straight forward, but this is quite tricky. You will not be able to find any swimsuit in the store. All you have to do is exchange your Ducky Bucks or SimCash for a Hot Tub Goody Bag and hope you'll get the swimsuit or the trunks.

Luckily, I got the One-Hit Wonder One Piece after second try. I'm glad I don't have to spend too much Ducky Bucks or even SimCash for this one.

Now, change the appearance of your Sims and choose the swimsuit or trunks. You can change the color to your likings. Once your done changing outfit, you'll get 20 Ducky Bucks and 25 Simoleons.

Hot Tub Dreams: Part 5

For this part, you just need to use a mirror while wearing your swimwear. I don't have mirror yet in my house. I checked the Bedroom catalog to purchase one and the cheapest one is the Kiddo-Boop Mirror which cost 1040 Simoleons and 25 Home Tickets. That's still expensive! I use the Fresh Start Sink which only cost 100 Simoleons and 1 Home Ticket as an alternative. Placed it in somewhere and tap the action "Swimsuit Check". By completing this part for 5 seconds, you'll get the usual reward of 20 Ducky Bucks and 25 Simoleons.

Hot Tub Dreams: Part 6

Part 6 of this quest is another easy task to complete. While wearing your swimsuit or trunks, tap to socialize another Sim and select the action "Show off swimsuit". This action will not be available if you socialize with a stranger. It should be an acquaintance or more than that. You'll get 20 Ducky Bucks and 25 Simoleons for flaunting your swimwear.

Hot Tub Dreams: Part 7

Similar to Part 3, this is another time consuming event. Simply visit the restaurant in the Market Square and tap the pink duck icon to initiate the event "Spa-Side Snacks". You don't need to be a chef to complete this task. All you need is to fill the progress bar and complete the event. This will auto complete after 4 hours. You can help your Sim to perform actions to speed up the timer. You'll get an additional 18 Ducky Bucks and 225 Simoleons on top of the 20 Ducky Bucks and 25 Simoleons reward.

Hot Tub Dreams: Part 8

For Part 8, you just need to accumulate a total of 50 Ducky Bucks by completing events in the Market Square. You can either do the "Haute Tub Couture Fashion" in the Fashion Studio or the "Spa-Side Snacks" in the Restaurant. Like what I mentioned previously, you don't need to be in a particular career. Completing two of these events is sufficient to conclude this part.

Hot Tub Dreams: Part 9

For the last part of this event, you need the help of your Sim's friends. Tap any of your Sim's friends and perform the action listed "Plan Hot Tub Parties". This will only last for 5 seconds, but you need to do this three times.


Can you please bring back the steamy hot tub event back I really need it
I havent done tha hot tub quest. I started played last April and already level 40 but never get to do the quest. Will i ever be able to do the quest?
<< Anonymous(Baejin)
Anonymous Reply
its not a quest, it was from an event where you had to open chests (like the summer event we're having right now)
<< Anonymous(Baejin)
Lucy Reply
Same thing is happening with me too
Will there be another hot tub event? I reinstall my app and I forgot to restore my game. :(
I hope there's another event so I can have my steamy hot tub.
For the dreamy swimsuit... you can buy it in the clothing store... pretty inexpensive too.

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You can get a double bed for coins and the llama tokens or just 1,800 coins.
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This really helped. Thanks
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