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update 07/05/2018

In The Sims Mobile, you can have 4 playable Sims that you can customize, but you'll start with 1 playable character only. That is a little bit lonely for the Sim. Here's our guide in how to get more playable Sims in your game!

How to Unlock a Sim Slot

Second Sim Slot

Unlocking the second Sim slot is quite easy. To do that, you just need to step up your Player level up to Level 4 and you'll unlock it for FREE!

Third and Fourth Sim Slot

For the third and fourth Sim Slot, the only way to unlock it is to use your hard earned SimCash. I know a lot of you will ask if there is a way to unlock it for free, unfortunately, I can't find any other way to unlock it except from paying SimCash. There are tons of way to earn SimCash for free.

For the third Sim Slot, you will need to pay 175 SimCash to unlock it. The last slot or the fourth one is the most expensive Sim Slot to unlock. This will cost a whopping 515 SimCash!. I know it's too much, but unlocking these slots will be permanent in your game. Once you're done unlocking, you can either creating a new Sim or promote a Sim to make it playable. Create a new one will cost a few Sim Tickets while promoting a Sim is free.

How to Make NPCs playable

To make NPC playable, they should be part of your household. Best example of that is a newborn baby however, they should grown to a young adult first before you can promote them as playable. Once you retire a Sim and they become an elder, they will become NPC as well. Unfortunately, Retired Sims cannot be promoted as playable anymore.

First, tap on you family portait. This is where you can see your current Sims, your previous ones and NPCs you can promote as playable.

Those playable Sims are situated in the center and with green plumbob while NPCs are in both sides. Tap any of the NPCs you have in the house.

There are two option to choose from: promote or move out.
Selecting "Promote" will make your NPC as one of your playable Sims. Just a reminder, you need to have a vacant Sim Slot for you to promote an NPC. If you're not happy with the NPC's appearance, you will have an option for you to customize it even change its gender.

If you want to delete an NPC, choose "Move out".Selecting this option is irreversible. You cannot undo your decision.


Hi i want to delete one of my playable characters how can I do that???
<< Anonymous(Thara)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
You cannot delete them. You can either customize to change appearance or retire them when the option arises.
so I'm new to the game, and I've just unlocked the second playable sim, so can I make my 2 playable sims date each other??
So I have the cash to unlock the new playable sim but the unlock button is grey and it won’t let me
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same! How do you unlock it? Have you been able to work it out
<< Anonymous
Justine Reply
Maybe you have started to participate in the Roommate Race Quest that’s why the unlock button is gray. You can wait until the quest will be over or you can play the quest until you earned the 3rd sim slot without paying simcash
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you have to complete the quest named third sim to unlock the third sim. You can unlock ir for free if you do tha quest.

If I have a baby and I already have 4 playable sims, will the baby grow up to be a toddler or not until one retires?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The baby will grow up whenever you see the blue cake icon above their head.
I have more than 400 SimCash to unclock my 3rd sims, but when I click on "unlock" it does not work :( Do you have any idea why?

Thank you very much for your answer
<< Anonymous(Manouchh)
Anonymous Reply
Are you in the roommate race? If you are, you will have to wait until the roommate race is over.
Do you need to be on a certain level to unlock the 3rd slot, I've got the sim cash and it still wont unlock
Hi there,
Can we change the appearance of a non-playable npc without promoting (provided they’re already part of your household)?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, making them a playable npc is required, unfortunately.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can now
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
When you tap at non-playable character there is a part written 'makeover' under the characters name

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