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update 14/07/2017

Rock Legends such as Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix are extremely great, particularly performing on stage with their guitars. They dedicated so much time and effort to be one of the icons in this industry. To perform an epic solo in The Sims Mobile, you don't need to be as adept with these icons. We'll steer you on how to rock the stage!

Life GoalRock Legend
Description"Perform an epic solo" in the Guitar Hobby
RewardsSimCash, Simoleons, Hobby Token, Gold Sack

1. Check the requirements

This life goal requires you to be at least Hobby Level 7 to unlock. Stepping up with your level will takes time. If you have an Orb of Pastime Heirloom, you can use that to grant you some Hobby points and tokens. If you don't, spend time finishing few Hobby Events to level up your hobby.
If you are Hobby Level 7 with 4 Energy points and 1 Hygiene point to spend, tap on your Guitar and select the highlighted interaction which is "Perform an epic solo".

2. Perform an epic solo

Choosing that said interaction will make your Sims play the guitar like a Pro; however, your Sims' performance will only last for 10 seconds. Just wait for it to finish. The gold check mark will appear to conclude its performance.

3. Reward Time!

Tap the gold mark icon to complete the interaction and to collect your rewards. Additional XP will be granted to you from performing this hobby action. This is how easy to become a rock legend in The Sims Mobile!


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