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update 12/06/2017
Note: This page is based on the first version of The Sims Mobile. This is no longer part of the latest version. Check out the changes here.

To achieve this life goal, you should be at least Cooking Hobby Level 5 to perform this action. This is one of the easiest life goals since it doesn't need any complicated requirements to complete.

Life GoalDinner is Served
Description"Cook a steak to perfection" in the Cooking Hobby
RewardsGold Sack, Hobby Token, Simoleon, SimCash

1. Tap on your hobby object.

Head to your hobby area which is your kitchen and tap on the stove. This will show up list of actions and cooking hobby event available in your level. Select "Cook a Steak to Perfection". Make sure you have enough motive points to start this action. You'll need 5 Simoleons, 5 Energy points and 1 Hygiene point. You'll be given 2 minutes to complete this one.

2. Perform the action.

Unlike with the hobby events, you are not required to fill empty star containers. All you have to do is execute the action mentioned previously and patiently wait for it to finish.

3.Claim your reward.

Once you have completed the action, a portion of your Lifetime Happiness bar will be filled. Collect your reward by tapping the "Collect" option. Move to the next part and select a new life goal. Select something that is doable.


it won’t let me do this!! i’m higher then this level also, and it won’t even let me serve a freaking meal? it might be bc i’m on the latest updates, but why would they take this out! plz help me

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