Traits: How to Unlock & Effect

Honey Lemon
Hi there! Is it possible to change a trait once you've already selected? I have unlocked two traits so far but want to change it.
You can't. Once you placed a particular trait to your Sim, it will be forever. You can add, not delete or change.
You can now by clicking the little circle on the trait icon and spending heirloom tickets,
You can change the trait. Just click on the top right of the trait you want to replace and it allows you to choose another trait. The cost of this replacement is only 5 sims tickets.
Yes you can but you have to be at level 16


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No, they're talking about a game.
Also there is a girl on YouTube that shows you step-by-step what you have to do to unlock your th...
I deleted it I’m going to find a game that works
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