Barista Career

I think there is a mistake with the app and the guidelines here. The objects you unlock for home are the Rise and Shine Fridge, Microwave,and Coffee Maker. The Coffee Pot and Coffee Display Shelf we see above I found them in Home Decorations while in Building Mode... The Coffee Maker for some weird reason doesn't allow me to buy it even though I have unlocked it and have enough money and home tickets. It actually doesn't allow me to place it anywhere as the red square around it for the needed space never turns green no matter if I place it on a counter, a table or the floor.... Any idea of what's going on?
I have been trying to figure this out as well. I can't finish the collection because the coffee pot won't place anywhere. Have you figured it out?
Okay, so I figured it out. Only Balsa Counters have a place to put items on. If you buy one, you coffee pot will immediately go to it.
<< Anonymous(Ivy)
I have the same problem. I bought The Coffee Pot but I still can't make a coffee.“wrong position ". What's the problem? Is it a bug?
Go to: build & choose cabinets and countertops. Buy: balsa counter (which is option number 2).
Kearsten Prince
I have balsa countertops though and I still can’t place it anywhere


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That slot opens up for another Sim.
Does anyone else have Emily just standing outside of your work? She only does it to one of my Sim...
You unlocked the career know you have to unlock the place
I refuse to let my Sim be blackmailed into steaking from her boss. I've closed the game, ev...
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