How to Get the Honeymoon Suite Collection

When I try to do part 5. It says to click on your partner and click on do you take this menu but it’s not there. Anyone know what I’m missing?
We had the same problem,did you know how to complete this event?
This did it to me so i selected more options then clicked the friendly option and it popped up with the quest
You have to tart the next chapter in your relationship then it’ll pop up. I had the same issue
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Among us
Complete a action for 1 energy then after that click on partner and it should pop up then
Yes complete next part of relationship that should fix it or unless you need to be at home
Step up relationship level
Try doing something flirty with them it worked for me
You need to level up on the relationship


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If your Sims have to do another romantic event together then they're gonna have to do that f...
Que es ampli de llamazoon
Wait for 24 hrs, tap on the crib again, and select conceive a plan.
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