Tickets in The Sims Mobile: How to Farm Tickets

For some reason my game won’t let my sim work anymore. There is no where to click to start but if i go to the place and click on things it will let me do things using energy but I’m not earning money. Anyone else have that problem?!
I can't either so I can't figure out how to finish "final chapter" quest :(
I'm having the exact same problem and no solution :(
I’m having the same prob with one of my sims mine is like it’s frozen on level 9 of the restaurant career work button has gone but allows me to carry out restaurants actions though
I have the exact same issue, even when I switch to a new career I can't get my son to work. :(
Me too!! Any solution? It’s not letting me do hobbies or do more than feed and check on my baby either....
<< Anonymous
I had the same problem. But I found a "solution" in the sense that my sim would just continue to work again and earn money.
I switched my sim's work on the next location. Downtown. For some reason my sim was able to work there(downtown) but not in market square.
I have completed the barista career story (it says 100% complete) but when I try to start the fashion story, it says I need to complete the barista story or pay in bucks to switch careers. Is this right? It seems like I should be able to start the new story since I finished the other one.
<< Anonymous
Yes that’s normal. if you want to move to another career either you’ve finished your previous career or not you still need to pay some simoleons
I had the same problem but it sorted itself out when i updated the app
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my sim is frozen on level 9 with 87% of the cooking hobby
and stuck at level 5 100% of the cafe barista career for weeks now
<< Anonymous(Mina)
I think the Barista only has 5 levels. So you have finished that story.
I know I was doing the 101 baiesthing and it won’t work


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Help please!!! How do you see if aliens exist using a bed???
how do you start to read the story after it shows you all the items to earn???
I just leave them on long quests overnight and when I'm out and it works
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