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Can you change hobbies?
Yes you can, you just have to tap the item from the other hobby (guitar, stove, yoga mat etc) then choose the icon and switch hobbies
<< Anonymous(Aominecchi)
All 4 sims are in 4 default hobbies so I can't switch and complete Rising Star quest 8.
<< Anonymous
I have the same issue. I can't move forward. Can't seem to find a way to switch hobbies.
<< Anonymous(Emilia)
same predicament. unless we buy the piani hobby which i am honestly hoping would have an event to unlock it for free. i dont have enough simcash to buy the hobby, and i prolly wont spend real money just to be able to move forward on the event.
Same here... How about retiring a Sim? Would that work?
I had the same problem. I cant retire any because they not there yet cant move them out which is bull too because u can move kids out


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