Career: Everything You Need to Know

which career makes the most money?
Yes! please share which career earns how much at each tier. :)
i dont acutally think that there is a difference between paychecks, or is there ?
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If you have played the previous versions of sims, law and or business is always the top paying jobs. I havent reached a high level yoet so im experimenting and might come back to tell you the updates
Apart from barista (the least income, sorta trial), all others pay the same amount. The higher level, the more income
Seems like once you max out each career you can make 450 simoleans with the long shift, same with maxing our hobbies


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I want to upgrade, and have a couple of children. (I want to get to the retirement stage). Anyone...
Yes they can. It's the same procedure as with someone else's sim, just without the mess...
No it hasn't, I'm sure. Your exaggerating
Help please!!! How do you see if aliens exist using a bed???
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