Barista Career

Everytime I go into barista tutorial, I get to the part where I have to clean the tables but nothing seems to occur???? Please fix or help this
Same with me
R u using the original app? Usually when people download the hacked versions, the game will glitch and prevent the player from progressing further.
Same it’s so annoying plz fix
I am also stuck here. And I have the original game, not a pirate.
Same here ! This game is stupid stuck but I just got a notification to update the app so maybe that will fix all the glitching mess ups
Anoymous 8days ago
Exit and enter the app again.. i managed to move on from that barista tutorial after restarting the app :)
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 1days ago
I already did that. It didn't fix anything.


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I already did that. It didn't fix anything.
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