Babies & Kids (objects)

I bought the teddy bear. I made a baby. Nothing new happened. What is really supposed to happen?
Same here, it was too expensive to not do what was promised.
how do i buy a home cadolog or a bassenett
Unicorn 10days ago
You are sap posed to press on the baby crib and Wait 30 minutes you can skip it for your money in sims
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 10days ago
You have to complete the qwestes and you will get it for free
SidTheKid 8days ago
The teddy bear unlocks new actions during a event. The teddy bear isn’t made for a baby but it is for toddlers and kids. When you have a teaching or praising moment event, you will see new actions unlocked because of the bear.
<< Anonymous
SidTheKid 8days ago
To buy a bassinet, you select the furniture icon and go to home collections. You find the Baby Steps collection in the home collection. Or you could go the furniture icon and select the sofa icon. You will find babies and kids objects under an icon with a toddler highchair


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No. Your sim can only die of old age.
This tutorial is old & is now false info. The way of the baby quest has changed! Take this t...
I already did that. It didn't fix anything.
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