Having a Baby in The Sims Mobile [Complete Guide]

I ALWAYS get boy babies!!! I've had only TWO girls and more than TEN boys!! Why is this??
I don’t know, but I’ve been having this issue too. I keep having boy children, and I want a couple girls to break up the pattern!
If you want a baby girl, have a male sim click the bassinet & choose have a baby. If you want a baby boy, have a female sim click it. So basically you get the opposite gender of whoever clicks it! This has worked for me 100% so far
<< Anonymous(Ellyndria)
This is not true since I had my girl sim click on it and I got a girl so get your information right before you pos
<< Anonymous
Don't need to be rude. I had an option to choose boy or girl when I named the baby.
<< Anonymous
unexplained specimen
cuz u prolly adopted


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