Relationships in the Sims Mobile

I already bought sleepytime double but still cant Woohoo i have max relationship with soulmate in beginning... And already married when i tap to bed sleepytime double there was "Woohoo with..." But cant click it because below there was "sleepytime double is blocked" please help me
You should try to replace the bed in another space of the room...maybe
<< Anonymous(Claire)
I had the same problem it simply means that you have to move the bed because it is to close to a wall or more furniture
Move the bed space !
It's because that sim is standing on the side of the bed n blocking it
You have to move the bed so they can get in on both sides.
<< Anonymous(Claire)
I have tried moving the bed and it still says it’s blocked
<< Anonymous(Gracey)
Ive tried it too and its still blocked for me
<< Anonymous(Gracey)
Gotta make the room bigger
What I did
I had a simple set sims house. I had the bed in the room next to the dresser and I moved the table in the living room to the kitchen. Then I moved the bed to the middle of the living room and it wasn’t blocked anymore.
<< Anonymous
Thank you sm! That helped a lot :)
This happened to me as well:(
<< Anonymous(Hailey)
I tried moving the bed and it worked. Make sure the bed is accessible on both side. Accessibility is indicated on the footprint beside the bed.
<< Anonymous(What I did)
Anoymous 22days ago
move the bed to the living room
<< Anonymous(Gracey)
SilentCandle 17days ago
Move the bed to a position where both sides have space
<< Anonymous(Telisha)
... 16days ago
I have the same problem it won't let me move the bed how do you move things
Anoymous 12days ago
I am trying to do this special limited event for a photography career & the 3rd part said to tap on a Sim to begin a friendly relationship story. I did that but the quest is not done... WHAT THE HELMET DO I DO!?!?!?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 12days ago
@comment above me :
Start a new new new FRIEND relationship story. Just tap on a stranger sim you've never talked to and start a FRIEND relationship
<< Anonymous
Yygirls 11days ago
It’s ok
barbieAELLE 9days ago
Hello everyone, my name is barbieAELLE and i am looking for a wife for my Sim Cody Barclay. I really wanted him to find love vs me creating it like his older brother did, but there are not as many options for Cody, since all the townies aged into elders. If anyone is interested in creating or has an avaliable mate that would be compatible with Cody my friend code is: 73R4V6T. Cody's personality is
<< Anonymous(Claire)
MADISON 5days ago
<< Anonymous(Gracey)
Anoymous 5days ago
Move it to the middle of the room!
<< Anonymous(Gracey)
Anoymous 1days ago
Me too
<< Anonymous(Gracey)
SIMS_LVL 1days ago
I tried, but still


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