Having a Baby in The Sims Mobile [Complete Guide]

It’s been a week and my baby hasn’t grown to a toddler. What’s wrong?
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I have the same broblem so what's happening!?
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I'm having the same problem with my baby
NEed to give more time or cheat
You probably aren’t playing enough
It takes some babies longer than others to “walk” in the real world so it will take some babies longer than others to “grow up” in the sims. Average is around 12-24 hours for babies, 1-2 days for toddlers, and 2-4 days for children. I have had a baby take a week and a toddler take an hour though, so it will work eventually
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My baby hasn’t grown in 2 weeks and I go on it every day and nothing happens


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You can get rid of the party bye clearing your plot
So I have a question, I know this is late but if you do interact with your baby (A decent amount ...
It's still not working
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