Where do I buy a vanity because I can't find one.
<< Anonymous(Mary-ann)
Anonymous Reply
Have you found one? I cant find it either
<< Anonymous(Mary-ann)
Anonymous Reply
You can use the bathroom mirror
I wanna wash dishes but it says sink locked
How do I move my double bed so both my sims can sleep
how can i widen up a room?
It means the current object your trying to use is only rated 1 out of 3 stars. You need to buy a new object that has at least 2 stars
How do i increase the “object quality” of the items in my house, for example to sit on the couch with a friend, the couch needs to be object quality 2. How can i increase the quality?
<< Anonymous(Snizzle)
Anonymous Reply
I’m having the same issue but with a different item. Did you have any luck?
In order for my sims to use to child’s activity table it’s says I need object quality 2 to use it. Any idea how I increase it to level to. My sims are on level 15
Sorry m, I’ve been worsening the

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