Limited Time Event: Winter Warm Up Event

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update 18/01/2019

Event Overview


Duckie Bag

How to Complete Winter Warm Up Event Quest

Quest 1 Complete Events to earn Simoleons.
Quest 2Complete Get cozy and warm in a bed.
Quest 3Complete "Think of Warmer times" at a mirror or vanity.
Quest 4Ask about Warmest Memory with another Sim.
Quest 5Complete an Event.
Quest 6Change your appearance.
Quest 7Complete the "Home Spa" Event.
Quest 8Open a Duckie Bag.
Quest 9Give Stickers to 5 Sims.
Quest 10Complete the "Swanky Swimwear" Event.
Quest 11Complete an Event.
Quest 12Earn 650 Simoleons.
Quest 13Complete any 5 Events.
Quest 14Complete the "Spa-Side Snacks" Event.
Quest 15Complete all LlamaZoom Tasks and collect rewards.
Quest 16 Complete the "Home Spa" Event.
Quest 17Collect 1200 Duckies.
Quest 18Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards.
Quest 19Complete the "Swanky Swimwear" Event.
Quest 20Collect 1200 Duckies.
Quest 21Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards.
Quest 22Complete the "Spa-Side Snacks" Event.
Quest 23Earn 650 Simoleons.
Quest 24Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards.
Quest 25Collect 1200 Duckies.
Quest 26Complete 3 Long Events in any career/relationship or hobby.


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