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KCherise 4days ago
Also we need to be able to sell stuff. I just experienced that “I have to much stuff in my home” I find that to be BS, I have an 8 room home i’m Sure I have room to put stuff. Let us sell or get rid of our crap in storage if your gonna tell us we have to much stuff
<< Anonymous(KCherise)
Niloofar 20hour ago Reply
totally agree
KCherise 4days ago
Okay I love this game level 40, 8 rooms in my home currently about to expand the home. Here’s my issue: I am hosting a party today, currently trying to set stuff up for the party, i received the message stating that I had to much stuff, needed to remove some things in order to finishing set up, bs! Left the game to put up this comment and now my party is gone! It had only just been started, what is going on!!!
Jess 8days ago
I completed the entire 18 part internet icon quest, received the rewards, but did not get the heirloom to start the hobby. Anyone else experience this? Waste of time? Any suggestions? Not in my storage and I can’t start the hobby :(
ItzAutumn 8days ago
Can you give at least 3 days to the limited time quests? Because time is never enough and now I’m trying to do the baby quest but it ended so soon what do I do?!
Anonymous 9days ago
Anyone else having issues with their game constantly freezing everytime you open it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Yes... EVERYTIME I'm in my Sims home or at aNY party it constantly freezes. But if I send my Sims to work it does NOT freeze there.
I've bought everything in Bedroom Babble collection (4/4), but it still showing (3/4). What can i do? I need their special collection. Someone please help me.
What’s up with the waterfront, and how do you get to the photographer job?
I can't unlock the club. I'm level 30, when I turned level 23 there was the option to unlock the club but I waited as I had no need for it then. I'm now ready to unlock it but the padlock symbol is gone. I clicked all around the building and nothing. So frustrating. I'm thinking it's an issue they need to fix but I can't seem to find anything online where someone has the same problem.
Game ideas
I wish sims could clean their whole house, do laundry and be in control of their children and cleaning would be a child’s event.
I've got married with another sims from someone who still lv 14, and ask to move in. She's accepted, but her sim has been elder!! (Wtf?!). Since that, i played that new sim for 2 weeks and still won't retire. Is there an other way to retire sim like this one??
<< Anonymous(Poorme)
David Reply
just get al 4 traits and the retire should pop up
My lifestyle rank bar is not progressing when I purchase things! I’ve been purchasing clothing items as well as home items with both simoleons and Sim cash, but my lifestyle bar stays gray, instead of growing green with each new purchase.

I’ve contacted EA for help but so far there troubleshooting suggestions are fruitless.

I’m super bummed and cannot complete to do lists or get new plots of land to clear. Any help would be great!
<< Anonymous(Lis)
Shaista Reply
Omg exactly the same thing has been happening to me the past few days!! I’ve also contacted EA to which they have been of no help thus far. I’ve emailed again in hopes that their next response will be helpful. Not only is my lifestyle rank stuck, my level and party ranks as well! I’ve maxed out level 21 but somehow it won’t progress to level 22 & at a party the bar is full but nothing happens.
<< Anonymous(Lis)
Andrea Reply
Yea I've had the same issue! I swear they're doing it on purpose. I had the same lifestyle 'title', but after the update, the "improve your lifestyle" daily became a nuisance. I literally had to buy 4 items (that cost home tickets) just to gain enough lifestyle points to check off that to-do. With the limited selection of items and clothing to buy, you'll eventually hit a wall.
Where to start the new photojob???

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You have to get another option for a new trait and then press the retire button that will pop up ...
Same!! I keep attending parties and can't get one more sim ticket to have a baby this is inf...
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