Note: This page is based on the first version of The Sims Mobile. This is no longer part of the latest version. Check out the changes here.

Getting old and dying is an unavoidable part of our lives. Similar to our real world, Sim is also aging and face death as time goes by. The Sims Mobile has a different approach in terms of this part of the game compared to the other franchise.

Aging and Dying in The Sims Mobile

Young Adult and adult Sim have four days until they mature; however, Elders only have two days before they retire or pass away.

Dying in the game doesn’t mean you need to face an accident or have an illness. Sim's life has a limited time period. Once the Grim Reaper starts to appear in your home and follow your Elder Sim everywhere, that’s the indication that your Elder Sim is about to pass away.

The good part of dying in The Sims Mobile is the reward that you'll receive. Retired Sim will give you Heirlooms. These will serve as a memento and these will give you advancement in the game too.

How to Avoid Aging and Death

Use Potion of Youth

You don’t need to look for the fountain of youth to achieve eternity. You can use Potion of Youth. This potion will not grant you a lifetime effect, but your Sim will gain additional 1 Day. This potion will cost you SimCash or a bunch of Tokens. You can buy this potion in the Potion Shop beside the Coffee Shop.

Plead for Life

Facing Grim Reaper is another option for you to avoid death. Grim Reaper can grant you additional days if you plead for your Sim's life; however, it will cost you 50 SimCash. This option will definitely empty your pocket.


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My sims have been alive weeks and weeks now but they are still adults! I don’t want them to die but I thought I should report this.
<< Anonymous(Uhhhhh)
Dabij 18days ago Reply
You have to get level 16 to unlock elders
in order for them to die do u just not retire them and just wait
<< Anonymous(sky)
Chloe Reply
I think u gotta retire them first and then they’ll die
If your sims have a baby and a toddler does that mean they won’t die until they become kids?
Lily potter
I want one of my sims to die right now but they are still young..
If one of the sims die will the sim slots at the bottom of the screen be empty
If I move a sim out, what happens to that sim?
<< Anonymous(Simsquestionaire)
Sofia Reply
Well once you move out a sim you can interact with them for a certain amount of time before they get old and pass away you don’t see this happen however you will know if they have died if you see grey hair on that sim and the socialize bar is grey meaning your sim can’t interact with them. Did this help?
Is it appear in the sims mobile?
how many ways can a sim die? do they drown or starve to death or do they just die of old age?

<< Anonymous(TaliahPuppyLover)
Reggie Reply
No. Your sim can only die of old age.
How do you prevent getting old and passing for free I mean won’t you lose a perfectly good sim that is sad
<< Anonymous(Sim )
Grim Reaper Reply
Dead is inevitable and I’m hungry
<< Anonymous(Grim Reaper )
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Sim )
Lulu Reply
You can buy stuff from the potion shop but if they have kids then you can have them retire and be the kids
My Game doesn’t display the sims shown in the image, I don’t have potions or options to stop aging process. Is anyone else the same??
<< Anonymous
Jesus Christ Himself Reply
You might have the FreePlay instead of mobile game or u haven’t updated yet
<< Anonymous
Jesus Christ Himself Reply
You might have the FreePlay instead of mobile game or u haven’t updated yet
<< Anonymous
Lulu Reply
Yeah, I can’t seem to locate that (shops) either. However, I would rather have my sims die than buy another day or become broke. As much as I love my sims, I feel that it doesn’t matter. Hope this helped!
What happens if you make all your adult sims retire and you’re only left with the kids ? Can you control the kids later or do you have to buy another playable sim ?
<< Anonymous
Rachel Reply
Both, you can choose to age them or by a adult (wich is strangely bizarre because, isn't that illegal lol)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can promote your kids to become adults and then you can control them
<< Anonymous
Micah Reply
What you do is there should be an open option and click the picture frame of your family and click an adult kid if there are no adult kids then wait till they grow up then once you click an adult kid you press promote then you can play with that sim

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