How does "Ask to Move-In" Works?

  • You ask other player's Sim to move in to your household and become their besties or soulmates depending on your story!

  • You need to reach level 8 relationship and a free Sim slot before you can ask someone to move in.

Benefits of Moving In

Sims that you ask to move in will carry all of their attribute like Traits, Create-a-Sim items, etc. The only downside of this is when you put some expensive stuff to your Sim and someone ask to move-in that Sim, that player can keep the items that your Sim wears!

How to "Ask to Move-in"

1. Requirements

Firstly, you need to have an empty Sim slot. You should also capable of attending parties so you should be at least Player Level 6.
Reach level 8 of any relationship stories, you can start a rival story and still able to ask them to move in.

This interaction will become available once you've reached level 8 of your relationship.

2. Request to Move-In

Once you've met and unlocked the interaction above, tap on it. This notification will appear in your end, tap the "Request to Move-in" to proceed.

The other player will receive this message in their inbox. Keep in mind that you can't send a move-in request when there's a party going on.

Once the other player tap the "Move my Sim" option, his/her Sim will immediately retire and leave an heirloom. The retired Sim will roam around your town and eventually become an elder NPC overtime.

3. Say Hello to your New Sim!

After the other player accepted the request, this message will appear in your inbox. Tap "OK" to receive the new Sim! You'll be directed into "Create-a-Sim" page and edit them to your hearts desire!


  • Communication is the key to success . Coordinate with other player to get the best result. Start a party and add the targeted Sim to your contact list. Doing this will make it easier to socialize and reach level 8 of that relationship. Also make sure to dress thatSsim with the most expensive stuff so the other players can use it without even buying the items!
  • This feature also let you play as an Elder/Retired Sim!


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I Love Pizza 5days ago
What if the sim does not belong to anybody, can they still move in with you?
when we request to move in, does the creator of the sim still get to play with their sim?
<< Anonymous
AL 21days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
AL 21days ago Reply
I accepted the move in request but i lost my sim, how could i get to play my sim and help contribute to the other simmer?
<< Anonymous(shai)
KatieKat 11days ago Reply
No, unfortunately not. That would be really cool though! Only one of each Sim that's been made can be "played".
<< Anonymous
KatieKat 11days ago Reply
Ummmm.... What game r u playing?! The creator of the Sim thats been asked to move in does not get to play w/them anymore. (Fun fact: whatever your sim is wearing @ the time u except a players offer of moving in, that player will get to use ALL the clothing & accessories ur sim is wearing when u excepted their offer!) What u get is ur sim retires and leaves behind an heirloom!
The sim that i want to move in player has not been online in 98 days. How can i get her to see my move in request?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
KatieKat 11days ago Reply
There is no way they will be able to see your request unless they sign back into the game and start playing. Sorry, but you might have to find someone else... Preferably someone who plays Sim Mobile more often (A LOT MORE!)
Anonymous 21days ago
So, once i accept the move in request i can no longer control that sim nor contribute to her sim and other household expenses ? I thought once i accept the move in request we could be real(virtual) family ? Or nah?
Anonymous 21days ago
So, once i accept the move in request i can no longer control that sim nor contribute to her sim and other household expenses ? I thought once i accept the move in request we could be real(virtual) family ? Or nah?
Anonymous 30days ago
What happens if it says I have no room in my household?
I'm new to the game.I had no clue what the move-in request option was. The game never went over it, so I took the description given literally and thought it was the game's way of saying my Sim could get a house of her own. I HAD NO DAMN CLUE IT WAS A REQUEST FOR ME TO GIVE AWAY MY SIM FOR FREE?! 1)Why the heck is this even an option? Why give a Sim away for free? My only pay was this dinky name brand clothes that I could now unlock. NOT HAVE....unlock and pay for on my own. 2) Why does the game allow players to ask for SIMs from players below lvl 8 who don't know what that option is yet and have no way of asking for their SIMS back?

I want my SIM back. Is there any way I can get her? She's not a high level or anything special. I just passively started playing less than 2 days ago, so idk the other play even asked for her? I'm just mad the game didn't actually tell me what the request was.
i married one sim and aked to move-in but nevergot a reply 3months ago now i divorced and married another sim who doesnt belong to anyone but don't get a ASK TO MOVE-IN TAB WHAT DO I DO?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you marry a townie (i.e. the sim who doesn't belong to anyone/built-in characters from the game itself) they will automatically move in to your house as soon as you get married (or at least that's what always happens to me)
I forgot to do the marriage guest but now I don't know how to get married again because it won't let me
I am at level 10 with a sim, I married them, they don’t belong to anyone else (no blue thing above the head), I have a free sim slot, and the ask to move in option still does not appear. Do I need to wait a certain amount of time after marriage, or is there another problem?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You need to be on level 8 RELATIONSHIP level
The owner of the sim I married and was about to move in with has changed their appearance and they used to be good looking and now he is old and ugly :( once he moves in can I change his appearance??
<< Anonymous(Issy)
Anonymous Reply
I’m pretty sure you can. Once they move in they’re pretty much your sim
What if I never got a message saying that they agreed to let the sim move in? Does that mean they said no or they just didn’t get it

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