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update 27/06/2018


Photography is the art and practice of creating images using a camera. This is also the career added in the version 10.0.0 of The Sims Mobile. The job is more on capturing fashion images.

This career can be unlocked during ASOS Fashion Show event by acquiring the "High-End Digital Camera" heirloom which is one of the event rewards.

If you select this career, you'll be sharing your workplace with the Sim you assigned to be a fashion designer. Aside from holding and adjusting your camera, you'll be guiding people how to pose, study clothing styles and encourage people to stay focused in front of the camera.

Career Stories

Career StoryProgression Path

Focused and Fearless
  • Selfie Aware
  • Flare Developer
  • Depth Defier
  • Pixer Pusher
  • Photography Prodigy

ASOS Fashion Focused
  • Fashion-Forward Photographer
  • Behind-the-Lens Big Shot
  • Inspirational Shutterbug
  • Catwalk Purrfectionist
  • Model Photographer

Note: The ASOS Fashion Focused Career story requires ASOS Fashion Focused Camera Heirloom. Check this guide

Traits That Will Give Bonus

These Sims are a bit better at all careers
Good Upbringing
These Sims are way better at all Events
Way better at the Fashion and Photography Careers

Career Related Objects

Photography Career


Photo Studio
1,175 Simoleons
26 Home Tickets
1 Super Home Ticket
"High-End Digital Camera" heirloom
Photo Studio

Hip Wall Photos
45 Simoleons
1 Home Ticket
Photography Career Level 2
Get a head start in Photography Events

Chest of Photo Equipment
4,055 Simoleons
8 Home Tickets
Photography Career Level 4
Get a head start in Photography Events

"Fix-It-in-Post" Editing Station
85 SimCashPhotography Career Level 7
Get a head start in Photography Events

Studio Decorations


PhotoSplash Station Chair
245 Simoleons,
5 Home Tickets
Unlocks in Photography Career

Photosplash Station Desk
391 Simoleons,
7 Home Tickets
Unlocks in Photography Career

Home Reward


Tabletop Light Box Studio
330 Simoleons
8 Home Tickets
Unlocks in Focused and Fearless Career Story
Light Box Studio

Antique 1800s Camera
1,150 Simoleons
32 Home Tickets
1 Super Home Tickets
Unlocks in Focused and Fearless Career Story
Small Floor Decoration

Reflector Perfector Lights
1,970 Simoleons
54 Home Tickets
2 Super Home Tickets
Unlocks in Focused and Fearless Career Story
Small Floor Decoration

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Can quests be repeated? Like they pop back again in the list? Tips and replies are much appreciated!
I bought the Focused & Fearless heirloom for 600 simcash but can’t see the Photogaphy career in the Fashion Studio. I’m reading you need ASOS points to unlock it but the ASOS event was two months ago, before I started playing. How can I unlock this career? Will there be another opportunity to complete the ASOS event?? I want my $ back if I bought that heirloom for nothing!
<< Anonymous
Kimah Reply
Go to the studio, click on the armchair icon to purchase furnishings, click on Photography Career, purchase and place the Photography Studio... Then you can start the Photography Career.
<< Anonymous(Kimah)
Anonymous Reply
What is “the studio”?
What is “the studio”?
What is “the studio”?
In the past 4steps in the quest to unlock the photography career, 2 of them have been to “Complete Daily Task List.” This is very frustrating that 4 steps should take 2 full days to complete. There is no way to anticipate this while working on the quest. What a waste of time just to find out I won’t be able to complete the quest in time on step 12. Please fix this, as it ruins the goal oriented aspect of the game.
do you get any outfits/accessories if i finish the career? (the paid package has them)
<< Anonymous(iila)
SimmermaN Reply
Nope, I guess. You have to buy it. :(
Limited time quest... I have been in part 17 of 18 and i just have 1 hour left to finish.. I cant pass the quest coz we need to complete chapter on hobby.. I am level 6 on yoga hobby.. Omg.. Lol.. One more step but i dont enough time left
Is there no way to unlock it after the event ends?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
It's currently available in the Heirloom section for 600 cash for 24hrs
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Except that having the heirloom isn’t good enough. You need ASOS points too.
I started playing last month. How do I unlock this career now that the event is over?
How i can unlock this job, now that the Asos event is finish?

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Help please!!! How do you see if aliens exist using a bed???
how do you start to read the story after it shows you all the items to earn???
I just leave them on long quests overnight and when I'm out and it works
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