Limited Time Event: Summer Backyard Barbeque & Growing Gardens Quest

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update 11/04/2019

Event Overview


You will collect Lemon Slices by doing tasks related to the event. You will use those Lemon Slices to open Barbecue Chest with a reward. Each chest cost 125 Lemon Slices. You can also buy one Gourmet Barbecue Basket for 50 SimCash, however that is not suggested since reward in each basket or chest is random.


Summer Barbeque Rewards

How to Complete Summer Backyard Barbeque & Growing Gardens Quest

26 Quest ( 7 Days Durations)

Quest 1Complete an event to earn 25 Simoleons.
Quest 2Click a bed and use the “Dream of Cozy Flower Beds” interaction
Quest 3Click a mirror and use the “Think of Floral Accessories” interaction.
Quest 4 Click a Sim and use the “Ask About Flowery Language” interaction.
Quest 5Complete an Event.
Quest 6Change your appearance.
Quest 7Complete the “Experiment with BBQ Recipes” event.
Quest 8Open a Barbecue Chest.
Quest 9Give stickers to 5 Sims.
Quest 10Complete the “Research Barbecue Flavors” event.
Quest 11Complete an Event.
Quest 12Earn 650 Simoleons.
Quest 13Complete any 5 Events.
Quest 14Complete the “Sample Barbecue Drink Specials” event.
Quest 15Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
Quest 16Complete the “Experiment with BBQ Recipes” event.
Quest 17Collect 1,200 Lemon Slices.
Quest 18Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
Quest 19Complete the “Research Barbecue Flavors” event.
Quest 20Collect 1,200 Lemon Slices.
Quest 21Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
Quest 22Complete the “Sample Barbecue Drink Specials” event.
Quest 23Earn 650 Simoleons.
Quest 24Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
Quest 25Collect 1,200 Lemon Slices.
Quest 26Complete 3 Long Events in Career, Relationship, or Hobby.


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