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update 30/04/2018

About the Loyalty Rewards

EA values every fan of The Sims game by offering in-game loyalty rewards. This is also their way to promote The Sims Mobile game. For you to grab these limited time only items, you must have a copy of The Sims 4 game for PC, MAC, PS4 or XBOX One. Here's how you can redeem these awesome gifts.

How to Redeem

Boot up your console and game. At the main menu of The Sims 4, a notification window will pop up and will ask to select your Country. Type in your phone number.

EA will send you a special link via SMS to download The Sims Mobile. If you already have the game in your mobile device, No need to download it again. Just tap the link to open The Sims Mobile. Just a precaution, you can only use this link once.

While on the Sims Mobile game, check "Messages" and tap "Check and Earn Rewards!".

You will automatically get the clothing and home decor rewards listed below and also the Family Portrait object for your Sims 4 game!

Sims Mobile Loyalty Rewards

Bob Pancakes' Robe
Unbearably Cute Costume
Unbearably Cute Hat
Opulent Armor Statue


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