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update 08/06/2018

Quest Overview

A few days ago, The Sims Mobile team gave us a teaser in their Twitter post about the new hobby they want to add into the game. This hobby is about being an internet sensation in the Sims World. For you to unlock this latest addition, an 18-part quest is required to complete. This quest is only available for the next 4 days starting today, June 8th. Don't you worry! We got you covered.


For this quest, you just simply need to do the tasks listed in the "Quest" list. Pretty straight forward and easy to complete.


Aside from the typical rewards from completing the tasks in the quest such as Simoleons, XP and Tickets, you'll get the chance to get the "Antique Webcam" heirloom and unlock the Internet Icon Hobby earlier.

How to Complete

Part 1 - Free Faced

Let's start with the easy one. For the first part of the quest, you just need to assign a Sim to use the shower and perform the action "Get spiffed up for the fans". This is a quick action that will cost you 2 Energy points. You'll get 25 Simoleons as a reward.

Part 2 - Crowdsourcing

Tap on an acquaintance Sim or above and perform "Ask about Simstagram". You have to do this three times with different Sims. You can re-do the same action to the same Sim but you have to wait for an hour. A 25 Simoleons reward awaits you upon completing this part.

Part 3 - Social Butterfly

For this part, you just need to start a friendly relationship story with another Sim. It's recommended to help your Sim to perform during events to speed up timers. On top of the rewards from completing the friendly event, you'll get an additional reward of 25 Simoleons from ticking this out from your quest task.

Part 4 - Work the Room

Celebrities are known for attending parties. Since your Sim is aspiring to be an icon, you must also let him/her to do the same. Fourth part is simply attending a party. It doesn't matter what kind of party. Completing the party with 3 stars is a must. You will get the 25 Simoleons reward after the party completion.

Part 5 - Cha-Ching!

An internet icon normally lives in luxurious way. Some of them are not born with a silver spoon so they work hard to achieve their status. For the fifth part, you need to accumulate a total of 650 Simoleons. This amount should be earn from completing events such as career and hobby events. After completing the required amount for this part, you'll get reward of 25 Simoleons and 10 XP.

Part 6 - All About that Fan Base

The sixth part is one of the time consuming part of the quest so far. To complete this, you have to begin a relationship event and it should be thrice. Any type of relationship event is acceptable. Highly suggested to help your Sims to perform in every events to hasten up their progress. You'll get a 25 Simoleons and 10 XP for accomplishing this part.

Part 7 - Fashion Icon

To be an icon or celebrity, one must know how to dress. Tap on any sofa or love seat found in your home and start the "Fashion Icon" event. This event will take place in the Fashion Studio in the Market Square. You have 8 hours to complete it. To speed up timer, assist your Sim in his/her event actions. Rewards in the event will be 75 XP, 265 Simoleons and 13 Home Tickets. You also get an additional 25 Simoleons and 10 XP from completing the seventh part.

Part 8 - Rising Star

The eighth part is one easy task to do. First, tap a vacant hobby station (like guitar, piano,stove etc.). Assign your Sim with a particular hobby or switch his/her hobby to a new one. This will conclude the quest part and you'll get a 25 Simoleons as a reward.

Part 9 - Fan Club

This part is similar with part 7. The only difference is the event will take place in the club in the Downtown. In this event, you'll be coordinating with the DJ to play your songs, dance with the crowd and enjoy the night. Completing the event is a must as you will not be able to move to the next part of the quest. To start, tap on any sofa or love seat found in your home and start the "Fan Club" event.

Part 10 - Buzzworthy Ambition

By completing your Daily To Do List, you can finish this part in no time. At this time, I'm pretty sure you only have a few unfinish tasks in your list. Just simply complete them all and you'll be rewarded with 25 Simoleons and 10 XP. You also receive 120 XP and a cupcake from completing the daily task list.

Part 11 - In the Biz

To accomplish this part of the quest, you must start and complete an event called "In the Biz". First tap any sofa or love seat you can find in your home then select that event. You will automatically teleport to the Agency in the Downtown area. The event can last for 8 hours, but you can speed up the timer by helping your Sim perform. Rewards are similar with the previous events listed in the quest. You'll get additional 25 Simoleons and 10 XP after completing this part.

Part 12 - Sphere of Influence

This part of the quest requires you to complete another set of Daily To Do List. You might need some time to cool down a bit since you need a day to refresh the list of daily tasks. Just follow the guide in Part 10 to complete this. Rewards is also the same.

Part 13 - Ticket to Fame

For this part, you just have to earn some Sim Tickets. The amount of Sim Tickets you need to earn is 20. Any kind of Sim Ticket will do. You can earn them by attending parties and completing relationship events. The reward for this part is 25 Simoleons and 10 XP.

Part 14 - Style Equals Substance

This part is just an encore of the same event called "Fashion Icon". Just follow the same steps taken in Part 7 of this guide. Both parts have the same rewards too.

Part 15 - Get the Look

Celebrities are known for splurging money on clothing. To complete this part, you must purchase at least 3 items in your Sim catalog such clothes, shoes or accessories. Tap the Change Appearance button in the Info Panel to buy new clothing or apparel. 25 Simoleons will serve as your reward for completing this part.

Part 16 - Night of LImelight

This part is just another encore of the "Fan Club" event. To complete, Follow the same steps taken in Part 9 of this guide. The rewards for both part is similar.

Part 17 - The Niche Piece

Completing 2 Hobby Story chapters is the main task of this part. To start, tap the hobby station of your Sim and start the related event. It should be the next story chapter, not just a Hobby event. Once concluded, you'll get the usual reward of 25 Simoleons and 10 XP in addition.

Final Part - Media Savvy

The last part of this quest is just an encore of the event called "In the Biz found in Part 11. Tap any sofa or love seat in your home and start this event. You will not find this event if you haven't finished the previous parts. You'll get the 25 Simoleons reward and 10 XP. You'll get the Quest bonus reward which is the "Antique Webcam" too!. This will unlock the Internet Icon hobby.

Antique Webcam Heirloom

The "Antique Webcam" heirloom can unlock the latest hobby in the game called Internet Icon Hobby". This is one of the rare heirloom and can be sold for 8 Luxe Heirloom Tickets. Once you receive this heirloom, no need to place it in your home. You just need to place the hobby station.


i wasn't there for the 4 days to complete the hobby but in the Hobby Collections there are still the objects for the internet icon hobby. how do i get to that hobby?
How do you redo the quest it took so long I ran out of time
<< Anonymous
SimmermaN Reply
I think you can't redo it anymore. I'm hoping they can let other people purchase the heirloom to unlock it. :(
the time is very long and the 17th part is ridiculous. it takes a long time to finish two chapters if im in the higher level of the hobby.
<< Anonymous
SimmermaN Reply
I agree! Glad I just started a new hobby for my Sim.
What are the rest of the quests?
<< Anonymous(Kay)
SimmermaN Reply
its complete now. :)

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