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update 08/04/2018

What is Daily To Do List?

Daily To Do List is a checklist of your task that you can accomplish every day in exchange of XPs and rewards. Some task can give you a Fashion Gem or a Ticket. This list is only good for 1 day. You'll start from the scratch on the next day. Completing the list will reward you 1 CupCake and 120 XP.

List of Tasks and How to Complete

Remember to Socialize

To accomplish this task, you just need to complete 2 Relationship or Family Events. Each event will cost you few energy points. On top of the rewards you'll get from these events, you'll also be rewarded 105 Simoleons for completing this task.

Improved your Lifestyle

To complete this task on the list, your Lifestyle Score should meet the minimum requirement shown on the list. It depends on your Player Level.
You can increase your score by placing objects from Home Catalog, purchasing more clothes for your Sims and collect more Heirlooms. You'll receive 40 Simoleons and 5 XP every day if you keep your Legacy score on or above the threshold.

Master your Craft

This is an easy task to do. By simply completing 2 events either Hobby or Career Events, you can accomplish this task. Completed events will be added to "Make the Most of Today" task. It is like hitting two birds with one stone! 35 XP will serve as your reward for this task.

Make the Most of Today

To accomplish this task, you need to complete at least 6 Events to receive the 1 Super Sim Ticket as a reward. Any event will do. All the events you'll attend throughout the day is counted in this task.

Complete a Special Event

This is one of the time-consuming tasks on the list. Completing a Special Events will take 6 hours unless you'll help your Sims to complete it and you have a few of cupcakes to replenish your Energy. A Sims attending to these Special Events cannot attend another event such a Hobby, Career or Social Event. You'll receive 25 XP for completing this task.This is on top of the rewards of completing the special event.

A New Look for a New Day

This task doesn't require you to make a makeover and the easiest task of all. You can simply put some make-up or glasses to your Sims or change its hairstyle or color. You'll receive 35 Simoleons and 15 XP from completing this task.

Improve your Home

This task is quite easy and quick as you just need to spend at least a total of 75 Simoleons each day to decorate your house. 25 XP will be given each time you complete this task every day.

Give Stickers

This task is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is tap any Sims with blue plumbob. These are Sims from other Sims Mobile players. You just need to give them a sticker. Any sticker will do. You can socialize with them, but that's not necessary. Only 1 sticker per 1 blue plumbob Sims. You have to do this trice to receive 2 Fashion Gems.

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Daily to do list doesn’t refresh for me. Is there a specific time each day that it does? I’ve been playing 3 days and this is the first day it didn’t
<< Anonymous(Sherri)
Sarah Reply
Mine havent refreshed in 5 days.
I finished my to do list yesterday & it has not updated a new one for today. Help? It hasn’t “started a new day either”
<< Anonymous
Stella Reply
I’m having the same problem. Help pls anyone?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Me neither

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