Quests in The Sims Mobile

update 21/09/2017

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What is a Quest?

Quests are similar to the list of tasks you need to accomplish in The Sims Mobile. It is different from the Daily To Do List because Quests are only available within a certain period of time and. You can always continue your progress in the Quest as long as it is active, unlike with Daily To Do List that refresh the list of tasks every day. It's not necessary to complete the list because you can still do a lot of things in the game and you can always move forward.

Each Quest is normally divided into different stages. Each stage has 3 tasks and hints.
By completing each stage of the quest, you will receive a number of Simoleons as a reward.

Where can I find it?

On the left side of the screen, tap the icon that is similar to a book. That is the Event and Quest Option.

Select "Quests" on top of the screen. You'll see here the list of tasks you need to do in order to complete the stage. You'll see the period of time you have to finish the entire quest. The reward for accomplishing the stage is also indicated.


The reward for completing each stage in a quest is no joke. In each stage you will receive some Simoleons. The amount increases in every stage you've completed. Simple yet effective way to earn in-game moolas.


Hi, did they make any changes with the rewards? I'm not receiving 200 Simoleons per stage anymore. :'(
<< Anonymous(xXxCassiExXX)
us525878 Reply
Hi xXxCassiExXX,
Yes, They did. The last update provide less Simoleon reward. It's now 60 Simoleons per stage.

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