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update 21/09/2017

What is a Quest?

Quests are similar to the list of tasks you need to accomplish in The Sims Mobile. It is different from the Daily To Do List because Daily To Do List is only available until the end of the day. You can always continue your progress in the Quest as long as it is active, unlike with Daily To Do List that refresh the list of tasks every day. It's not necessary to complete the list because you can still do a lot of things in the game and you can always move forward.

Each Quest is normally divided into different stages. Each stage has a certain number of tasks and hints.
By completing each stage of the quest, you will receive a number of Simoleons, XP or SimCash as a reward.

Where can I find it?

On the lower left side of the screen, tap the "Quests" icon.

Select "Quests" on top of the screen. You'll can see a number of quest you can complete anytime. You'll see its description and by tapping the encircled question mark, you can get hint on how to complete it. The reward for each quest is shown underneath the quest box. You can get Simoleons, Simcash and XPs.


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Coconut 26days ago
I am told to do a quest and the only way to start it is to tap on a partner sim or family and that what I did , but the quest ain’t showing up?
<< Anonymous(Coconut)
Coconut 26days ago Reply
And it is the baby quest and I only have 4 hours to finish it and I’m really close on completing it, if I don’t finish it will I never get a baby in the sims?
<< Anonymous(Coconut)
Kas 4days ago Reply
This also happened to me. Did you figure out the problem? I have restarted the game multiple times, left it, and even restarted my phone.
Caroljean 15days ago
I starting the quest to get married but never finished it and now I can’t find it. How can I get it back? I started it a week ago
I didn’t do the quest to have a baby so now I can’t buy a basset
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It should be available again in a couple of days but you have to restart from the beginning.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wait for 24 hrs, tap on the crib again, and select conceive a plan.
<< Anonymous
Barbecue 26days ago Reply
So i can wait a couple days and the quest I wasn’t able to complete will re appear and I’ll have to restart it again?
Jessica 27days ago
How do I unlock the bedroom babble quest?
No one
What if I did not finish the quest is there anyway I can redo it???
<< Anonymous(No one)
Anonymous Reply
It should be available again in a couple of days but you should restart the quest from the beginning.
<< Anonymous(No one)
Anonymous Reply
Wait for 24 hrs, tap on the crib again, and select conceive a plan.
sorry but do you know how to unlock the baby crib im on level 18 ive completed the quest and I still cannot get it
<< Anonymous(maisie)
Anonymous Reply
Hi. If you completed the baby quest, the baby crib should have been added to storage.
Th baby quest disappeared. How do I get it back?
Use a shower or bed to get more energy
How do you finish the baby quest, I don't have money to spend for cupcakes or anything else and I always end up at part 12/15. It's so annoying! Any hints on how to finish it quicker?? Without money
I'm on part 5/15 on the baby quest apparently your suppose to talk to a friend about baby stuff but idk how someone plz help me
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Have your aim become friends with an other aim if they are not already. Then invite them to your house. Click on them, and the option should appear.
<< Anonymous
Emma Reply
Make a friend by doing at least one friendship event with them. Then you can do the event with them
What is the last task in the baby quest?
i accidentally skipped the baby quest how can i get it again

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