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update 29/05/2017
Note: This page is based on the first version of The Sims Mobile. This is no longer part of the latest version. Check out the changes here.

What is Motive?

Motives are the basic physical and mental needs of a Sims. These are the main requirements for the Sims to function. Motive bars regenerates as time passes by.

List of Motives


Energy is the most needed motive. The Sims will not be able to work or do any activities without energy. You can recover energy by sleeping.


Doing actions, such as working and socializing with other Sims will deplete your Hunger bar. You can fill your Hunger bar by eating or grabbing a snack.


Hygiene is needed in order for you to do actions for your hobby and other action like relaxing in the bed. Using the toilet or taking a shower will fill your Hygiene bar.


Fun will be depleted if you are working. You can gain Fun points by dancing and watching TV.


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