The Sims Mobile How to Join a Career

update 06/06/2017

In The Sims Mobile, if your Sim does not have a career, Join a Career daily wish appears. This is the first step to earn Simoleons, to gain XPs, to get your career level up, and to achieve some career-related life goals. Use this page to see how to find and join a career to complete the daily wish.

Daily WishJoin a Career
DescriptionFind a career in town
Reward35 XP

How to find a job

Unlock locations

To find a job in The Sims Mobile, you have to unlock locations other than home where you start the game. Parkside will be the first location you unlock, and you can find Barista career at there. Market Square will be the second location to unlock, and there are three different workplaces: Restaurant, Fashion Studio, and Hospital.

3 ways to join a career

1. Tap a bag icon at a workplace

Once you unlock a workplace, tap a bag icon. Then you'll be asked to join a career. For example, to join a barista career, visit Parkside and tap the bag icon at cafe.

2. Tap a bag icon at the side bar

You can even pick a career to join without visiting workplaces. You'll find a bag icon at the side menu bar, tap it to see a list of availalbe career while your sim doesn't have a job. If your sim has a job, you can get to a workplace by tapping the icon.

3. Open the menu bar

By tapping the menu button at near the lower left corner of the screen, you can see information regarding your Sim.

Then, tap the career button. You can see a list of avaialble careers and pick a job to join. while you have a career, you will tap the button to see your Sim's level of the career or to quit to join to another job.

Time to work!

Now your Sim has a career! Visit a workplace and do some activities related to the job. You can earn Simoleons and get your career level up to unlock some special objects by doing that.


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