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update 07/06/2017

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Note: This page is based on the first version of The Sims Mobile. This is no longer relevant to the latest version. Check out the changes here.
Daily WishFlavorize in a Cooking Event
DescriptionEarn at least 1 star at a Cooking Hobby Event
Reward35 XP

Flavorize in a Cooking Event daily wish will only appear in your game if your Sim has the Cooking hobby. Aside from the XPs you'll receive, you will also have food to fill your hunger. Food can be consumed by anyone in your household anytime. It takes only 5 seconds and less time-consuming relative to "Grab a snack (from a refrigerator)" action which takes 3 minutes.

How to complete

1. Check the basic requirements

This wish is quite fast and easy to complete. You should have a cooking hobby. Cooking hobby can be unlocked once you are Player Level 7. To start this wish you should have enough motive points like Hygiene and Energy to consume. A stove is also needed to initiate the cooking hobby event. You can purchase the basic stove in the catalogue for 50 Simoleons.

2. Start the hobby event

To start the hobby event, tap on the stove, then select one event. Each one delivers a different outcome. One can produce plates of food while the other can give you Simoleons. All of these events will consume your Hygiene Points. You can select any of these events.

3. Tap the pink star icons

Once you've started the event, pink star icons will appear within your hobby area which is the kitchen. You only have 5 minutes to complete the event. Tapping a star icon will give you a list of actions. Each action will consume at least 1 Energy Point and will fill a portion of those empty star containers located in your motive bar.

4. Fill at least 1 Pink star container to complete

Continue tapping into those pink star icons and do some actions until you filled one star container. It would be better if you will fill out the whole set of star containers for a better reward, but 1 star is good enough to complete this wish. You can also use SimCash to speed up timers, but that is not recommended.

5. Complete the hobby event

Once you have filled out all the star containers, you'll receive XPs from the hobby event and your reward. It can be the plated food or Simoleons. You'll receive additional 35 XPs for completing your Sim's wish.


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