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update 17/04/2018

What is a Baby?

In order for you to carry on your legacy, you should have a baby. This is not an easy decision in the real world since this is a responsibility. Babies will grow up soon and become part of our society.
In the Sims Mobile, making a baby is not an easy task either. You have to meet certain requirements first. Use this guide to make your own baby!

How to have a Baby?


The initial requirements are your Player Level and your relationship level with other Sims.
Player Level is your actual progress status in the game while the Relationship Level is your status with other Sims.
To unlock this feature, you should be at least Player Level 11 and at least Relationship level 3 with other Sims. It can be Friends, Romantic Interest, or even Enemy.
Once you've got those requirements mentioned above, you'll be getting two new quests. "Oh, Baby!" and "Baby Crazy". You need to complete these quests to start having a baby in the game.

By purchasing the Bassinet in the catalog under Babies & Kids Section, you can complete the "Baby Crazy" quest. This is the second important requirement if you want to have a baby. The Bassinet will cost you 600 Simoleons. If you are filthy rich, you can also buy some other baby stuff to add more baby interactions. Baby Genius Mobile or Cuddly Bear is highly suggested but not totally recommended.

Use the Bassinet

Once you have tapped the Bassinet, you can select one of the 3 actions. You can adopt a boy, a girl or have a baby in a natural way. Each action will cost you a few Energy and Sim Tickets.

Selecting "Having a baby with..." will make your Sims do the WooHoo action. This will last for 30 minutes. If you can't wait to see your baby, you can use SimCash to speed up timers, but it is not recommended. Selecting this interaction will product a random gender of the baby. You can also "Adopt" to select your kid's gender. There will be no WooHoo action, but your Sims will wait in front of the Bassinet instead.

After performing the baby making action, you will find a baby lying in the Bassinet. You should name your baby to your liking. You can feed the baby and change their diaper. As days go by, this tiny creature will soon grow and become an adult.

Bundle of Joy Event

This is the first event that you and your baby will have. This will unlock the "Good Upbringing" trait that will make your kid better at "all events once they grow up. Check out guide for Bundle of Joy Event!

Why make a baby?

Aside from being a legacy and giving us XP in every interaction with them, babies or kids can grow up and become playable Sims. Creating a Sim will cost you 95 Sim Ticket. Making a baby or kid as a playable grown up Sim is cheaper.
Once these kids grown as an adult and retire, they will also give heirlooms.

Aging the Baby up into a Toddler

After completing the "Bundle of Joy" event, it’s time for the baby to grow up!

To do this, you must do interactions with the baby and complete sets of family event. It will take a day or two depending on your activeness in the game.

Once you see a blue birthday cake icon on top of the bassinet, tap on it. It will age up the baby into a toddler. Enjoy their cuteness while it last!

Keep on perform events with them until you see another blue birthday cake. This will appear in every milestone. This is your signal that your child will change his/her appearance in the game. Eventually, you can make them playable and help them build their own legacy.

Helpful Tip

It’s best to make your own baby with your playable Sims. Don’t make a baby with other players, since they may retire their Sims early without you knowing it.

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Anonymous 22days ago
Sims can’t interact with babies or the animation to interact didn’t happen. They just stand in front of the bassinet after the feed/check the baby action. However, the action was carried through i guess because the green check sign appeared afterwards. Is there something like an item needed for them to interact?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
You have to wait 24hrs or next day in sims time for an event to pop out and you need to have 3 stars for each traits of the baby
Abby 19days ago
It's been about a day since I had my baby, how long will it take to age him??
Anonymous 22days ago
i retired my sims and it just left the babys and i camt interact with them
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Mandy 21days ago
I tried it and it worked what about you try it?
Nicole Lin 23days ago
But I still don’t get it whoever made this
when you had the chance to do the baby quest, do it before the limited time ends. I mean if it doesn't appear on the recent ones you had to do after finishing an event, you just have to wait for it to pop back again in the recent to do list and grab the chance while you can. Delaying it would just cause you to start all over.
Its best if you make baby with your playable sims just as told in this page, for instance mine were only supposedly to be the art aficionados but I had them married anyway by having flirty interaction then a lot of woohoos rather than my male sim marrying the supposedly lover from another player so they're like art aficionados slash husband and wife. While there were also instances that I can't use my female sim with the male sim to complete the other stages in the baby quests, I used the male's sim lover from another player so I could complete the quest and once it was completed, I had my sims make a baby together. You may find mine to be a bit complicated but if I just figured out everything at first, maybe my sims would have been started as soulmates so they would have been lovers from the start. I hope you find this tip helpful :)
Where is the changing table
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
In the home items section called Baby Steps
I left the hospital early and now I can’t unlock it so I can’t finish it again. Why?!?!? Shouldn’t it just let you in because it’s a quest?
Quest baby monitoring part 14 of 15 said "Let's do one final safety check!" by tapping romantic parter or family sims. But i didn't get the event when tapping both, it is bugging? or i need more time to waiting the event?
<< Anonymous(Abud)
Anonymous Reply
Take one of your sims and get another romantic relationship and try that. It should work
<< Anonymous(Abud)
Anonymous Reply
Ok what u need to do is click on romantic sim the press more options go to flirty and it should be the first thing there
Jasmine Farley
I only just started this game a few days ago and I love it I was wondering how to have a baby until now
I love this game I play it every single day.

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