Limited Time Event: Harvestfest

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update 16/11/2018

Event Overview



Bag of Plenty

Beautiful Gift Box

How to Complete Harvestfest Event Quest


Quest 1 Earn 25 Simoleons.
Quest 2Collect Pie Slices from the Horn of Plenty.
Quest 3Tap the couch & look at photos of harvestfest food
Quest 4Tap on a fridge and reorganize its contents
Quest 5Tap on bookshelves and couches to look for recipes
Quest 6Complete an event
Quest 7Change your Sim’s appearance
Quest 8Complete the “Cozy Cheers at the Cafe” event
Quest 9Tap the fridge and use the “Write Down” interaction
Quest 10Tap on a counter and use the “Try Following Recipe” interaction
Quest 11Spend Pie Slices on a Bag of Plenty
Quest 12Complete LlamaZoom tasks. (Returns every 4 hours)
Quest 13Complete the “Harvest Cooking at the Restaurant” event
Quest 14Tap on a counter and use the “Try Following Recipe” interaction
Quest 15Collect 1,200 Pie Slices
Quest 16Earn 1,000 Simoleons
Quest 17Complete the “Happy Feasting at Home” event
Quest 19Complete LlamaZoom tasks. (Returns every 4 hours)
Quest 20Complete the “Harvest Cooking at the Restaurant” event
Quest 21Collect 1,200 Pie Slices
Quest 22Complete LlamaZoom tasks. (Returns every 4 hours)
Quest 23Complete the “Cozy Cheers at the Cafe” event
Quest 25Complete LlamaZoom tasks. (Returns every 4 hours)
Quest 26Complete the “Harvest Cooking at the Restaurant” event
Quest 27Complete LlamaZoom tasks. (Returns every 4 hours)
Quest 28Tap on the bed and use the “Dream About Pie Recipe” interaction
Quest 29Tap on a counter and use the “Try Following Recipe” interaction

Harvestfest Event Bonus Rewards


Hot New Top
I cannot get this quest to work
worst event ever, so much bug in the game. cant start HARVEST COOKING EVENT. no worth to spend money to buy the Bountiful Havert display. event that cant be complete even i spend the money. the developer just cheat us.
This is so bugged. Nothing works as it should. When will there be a bug fix out?
Same here, stuck again, all kinds of crazy issues from switching event requirements mid stream or not being able to do what is required.
Za Mae
Im stuck. I can’t start HARVEST COOKING EVENT.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Me either im stuck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I was able to start the harvest fest at the restaurant and used a few energy then left the game when I came back my person was in a long relationship even.....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same issue! Can someone fix this!?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same issue
Facing countless bugs, such as changing completed events a character is doing and I have been unable to do the Harvest Cooking at the Restaurant. Even by spending money, it is impossible to complete. Either fix it and give additional time or give players the rewards.
This has to be the glitchiest event ever. My Sims end up doing something that I didn't start them on when I check back, options for standard events no longer show up, and I have completely different face icons for my Sims. Fast track options on events disappear so you can't even help them to go faster even if I want to. There's no way I can get this done in time without spending money.
Having the same problem. I don’t have the harvest cooking at the restaurant option in the fridge And it won’t let me select it in the panel! Help I wanna complete the quest!
<< Anonymous(KikiSim)
Anonymous Reply
same issue!!
Same issue. I don’t have the Harvest cooking at the restaurant event and one of sims cannot do a Standard Work Shift
Same issue, I reported the bug earlier today.

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This is incorrect as you can’t move this to the wellness centre. Unless I’m missing s...
Omg thank you so much. It totally works. You are a lifesaver!
Every time I go to the app it says EA and MAXIS but after that it just take me to the screen wher...
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