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update 29/05/2017

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Note: This page is based on the first version of The Sims Mobile. This is no longer part of the latest version. Check out the changes here.

What is Wish?

Wish is a request by a Sim. It is the thinking bubble icon on top of your Sim. Three wishes are assigned to you each day, but a new wish will be generated every 2 hours. You can get immediately by paying 12 SimCash. You can earn 35 experience points for every wish you fulfilled. Some wishes are short term while the others are long term. Wishes are based on your Sim's trait, job, hobby and social relationships.

List of Wishes

Grab A Nice Coffee

Simply tap the coffee maker machine to complete this wish.

Watch TV

Just command your Sim to turn on the TV and to watch.

Buy A Food Mixer

Your Sim should be at least Level 4 in Cooking hobby. You can purchase this object in the catalog for 70 Simoleons.

Buy a Cutting Board

Your Sim should be at least Level 6 in Cooking hobby. You can purchase this object in the catalog for 175 Simoleons.

Tell Dramatic Story

Having a deep friendship with a Sim is a requirement and you must select the "Tell Dramatic Story" option in the list.

Do A Romantic Interaction With A Sim

By simply flirting a Sim or selecting any romantic choice in the list will complete this wish.

Be Friendly With A Sim

You can fulfill this wish by doing 3 friendly actions to a Sim.

Slap A Mean Sim

You must be in Rival status or Level 3 friendship with a Sim for the "Slap" option to appear.

Earn At Least 1 Star In Cooking Hobby Event

You should have the a Cooking hobby as a requirement. Tap the stove to start a cooking event and gather some points from this hobby to reach at least 1 star.

Socialize With Co-Workers And Reach The Next Level Relationship With Them

Go to your Sim's workplace and interact with your co-worker until you reach the another level of relationship.

Give my Lips a Workout

A romantic relationship or your Sim's sweet heart is a requirement for this wish. Just talk to that Sim and tap the "Make Out" option in the action list to complete.

Relax in bed

Just tap on the bed to perform the action. Select "Relax in bed" option.

Give a Heartfelt Compliment

This is an interaction available only if you are a friend of a particular Sim. Just select this interaction on the list.

Imagine Big Day

The wedding arch should be unlocked in your catalogue and placed somewhere in your yard. Simply tap the wedding arch and select "Imagine Big Day" on the list of interactions.

Join a Hobby

The chosen hobby for the Sim should be match with his/her character traits. If he/she have foodie traits, you must select cooking as his/her hobby.

Improve my Doctoring skills

Your Sims should be in the medical career in order to fulfill this wish. By simply leveling up with your chosen career will grant this wish

Buy Amp for my Guitar

Your Sims' hobby should be guitar and it should be hobby level 2 for you to purchase the Amp it up in the catalogue. It will cost you 35 Simoleons.

Sort through selection of clothing

You should in Fashion Career. Purchase the creative chaos dresser and tap on it to complete this wish. The dresser will give you daily experience points.

Become Friends with Someone

Simply interact with a stranger or acquaintance Sim until you've reached the "become friends" social event. Complete the event to fulfill this wish.

Do Something at a Party

Your player level should be level 9. To complete this wish, join any party and interact.

Rock Out!

You must be in Guitar Hobby. Tap the Guitar to initiate a hobby event. Earn at least 1 star to complete this wish.

Sew it up!

You should be any level in Fashion Career. Just go to your workplace and start a career event. Earn at least 1 star to complete this wish.

Have a Good Friendly Event

To complete this wish, you just need to talk and interact with an acquaintance until "Become Friends" social event shows up in the list. Start the event and earn at least 1 star.

Get into a Fight

You and the other Sim should be in "Rival" status. Just interact with your rival Sim and choose "Fight" in the list.

Get my Chef On

You must be in Culinary Career to fulfill this wish. Just go to the restaurant in the Market Square and initiate a Culinary Career event. Earn at least 1 star.

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Hi <wildflower>!
You can't see this anymore since this was part of the initial version of the game. Check the note at the top of this page. :)

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