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update 21/09/2017

What is a Quest?

Quests are similar to the list of tasks you need to accomplish in The Sims Mobile. It is different from the Daily To Do List because Daily To Do List is only available until the end of the day. You can always continue your progress in the Quest as long as it is active, unlike with Daily To Do List that refresh the list of tasks every day. It's not necessary to complete the list because you can still do a lot of things in the game and you can always move forward.

Each Quest is normally divided into different stages. Each stage has a certain number of tasks and hints.
By completing each stage of the quest, you will receive a number of Simoleons, XP or SimCash as a reward.

Where can I find it?

On the lower left side of the screen, tap the "Quests" icon.

Select "Quests" on top of the screen. You'll can see a number of quest you can complete anytime. You'll see its description and by tapping the encircled question mark, you can get hint on how to complete it. The reward for each quest is shown underneath the quest box. You can get Simoleons, Simcash and XPs.


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What happens if you miss a quest
Real sims don t have time limited things like this 🔥 game has. + Energy cannot be collected unlimited time from bed, cooking or shower.
This game fails giving me baby. since it resets quest progress. Jerks who made this game have made baby making "time limited". Gotta hate this game.
I’m doing the “Roommate Race” quest and I cannot continue doing because when I press on a plant it doesn’t come up with the part for the quest
<< Anonymous(Jemma)
Anonymous Reply
I think you need to go to to town to water them.
<< Anonymous(Jemma)
SomeRandomGuy Reply
I had this happen to me, I simply went to a different plant.
I didn't finish the wedding quest/honeymoon suit, how can i have it back?
If uou don't finish a baby guest will u have to start over
How do you stop a quest
<< Anonymous(Kali❤️)
Anonymous Reply
You cant
Peachy boo
Its not really that cut to the chase so you could be a little more forward and precise about your steps,
This is in no way a hate comment just a bit of constructive criticism,
xoxo peachy boo
How can I skip a quest on sims mobile without using up cupcakes or money?
How do I quit a quest ?

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